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YONMIG Fitness Tracker Smart Watch – Desktop Reviews


There was a time when budget smartwatches were poorly made, cheaply packaged, had few working functions, dim low-resolution screens, hard to read and poorly printed User Guides. Those days are gone and watches like this although still cheaply priced have drastically upped the game as regards functionality, build quality and presentation. Although at £36.99 this is certainly no iWatch it is much more than a piece of junk and really does do what it claims to
Inside the small but stylish presentation box was the watch itself, watch strap, USB charging cable, and a User Guide. The User Guide is small but well printed in colour.

The watch has a bright and clear 1.3″ inch touchscreen with a single button to toggle the power, step back and turn the screen on and off. On the rear is a row of pogo pins to which the charging cable magnetically attaches. The rather short USB charging cable has a non-standard charging head and if lost will render the watch useless as I doubt if spares can be obtained, so take care of it. Build quality seems first-rate and if not up to Apple quality is not at all bad.

Using the watch is easy enough with the surprisingly responsive touchscreen. The features and their screens are well laid out and easy to navigate. Swipe left to get the app icon menu, swipe right for the quick access menu, swipe down for notifications and up for activity status. The data is all stored and processed within the ‘VeryFitPro’ app to which the watch links over Bluetooth. The time and date and other data sync automatically in the background but a manual sync option is available within the app. The phone link seems pretty stable and I have not yet needed to manually reconnect.

After charging the watch for an initial two hours the next thing to do is to install the ‘VeryFitPro’ smartphone app which is available for iOS or Android. Follow the instruction in the app to Bluetooth pair the phone, the excellent app – which is used by other similar watches -. a very comprehensive health monitoring tool and although not quite up top Fitbit levels it is far better than I was expecting.

The main functions the watch offers are:

SMS Messaging – On screen Alerts
Heart rate monitor – Real-time and History
Music Controls – Links to the phone music app
Notifications – On-screen app alerts
Pedometer – Steps, distance and calories used
Sleep Monitor – Works well
Sedentary alerts

As a sports watch it good for the price too. It offers a choice nine different sports activities to track and although it does not have onboard GPS, it will link to the GPS from your phone and incorporate it into the results which can be viewed on the app. The app, which I really do like, will export data to Google Fit and Strava sports apps to further track and record your metrics, so even serious athletes can make use of the watch.

As a user of an Android WearOS watches myself I was interested to see how it compared. The first things I noticed was the notifications were non-interactive – I could not press in the notification to respond to it. Only a limited number of watch faces are available. The heart rate monitor seems to work OK and better than I expected r but not so well as with my Fitbit. With this as with all smartwatches, the heart rate monitor is more of a guide than anything else and cannot be compared to a sports chest HRM. The watch is IP68 water-resistant which means it will be fine in all weather, Ok for bathing and even swimming – but don’t go too deep or wear it in the sea.

For the price, this is a great buy. It has a few limitations but in general, does everything I want it to do. The build quality is good and it certainly does not look a cheap iWatch copy. If you need a budget smartwatch for health monitoring and on the go interaction with your smartphone then this would be a great buy.

The Good
Good build quality
Bright and clear screen
Responsive touchscreen
IP68 water-resistant

The Bad
No onboard GPS
Notifications not interactive
Non-standard charging cable

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