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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness tracker in practical test: What can the inexpensive fitness wristband do? – NotebookCheck.net Reviews


The test device came with German quick start instructions. When starting the device, only English was available among the western languages.Xiaomi has been delivering the German language package via the Mi Fit appsince mid-August.

The app’s setting options already reveal the enormous versatility of the small tracker. In addition to the options for heart rate monitoring,

notifications or night mode, the tracker can be equipped with a total of 19 functions, including reminders, weather information and a world clock, as well as remote control of the music player or music streaming service currently active on the smartphone. A remote control for the smartphone camera identified the companion app as a lab version; in a test with a Google Pixel 3 it worked.

Up to 10 informative tiles can be reached one after the other by stroking horizontally across the tracker. In vertical direction you can scroll through the app menu with additional functions. The sensor key takes you back one level on the menu level. The selection of the displayed apps and tiles is done via the smartphone app.

However, practice has also revealed a few weaknesses: The timer doesn’t run in the background, and you have to wait until it has run down before you can look at the clock again or view weather information, for example.Inaddition, the tapedoes not automatically access the smartphone’s GPS or Internet connection,even whenit is connected to the smartphone. For this it needs the Smartphone app. Therefore, before a run or bike training with route recording, one must always first take the smartphone and open the app Mi Fit. The tape also synchronizes the weather information only via the app.

For a targeted workout, there are eleven sports tochoose from, including swimming and yoga. The tape counts the calories consumed and, depending on the type of sport, individual parameters such as the number of strokes per minute on the rowing machine. The settings include the option of allowing a connected device to retrieve the pulse data from the tracker. What is missing is the possibility to define a target for time or calorie consumption before the workout.

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