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world vegan day 2020 know why vegan diet reduces health disease cancer and weight | If you want to avoid heart disease, cancer and obesity, take a vegan diet but if you take it more than 3 months, keep these things in mind – eBioPic.com | BioPic, Movies, TV Serial, Web Series Reviews and News

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  • 76 years ago the foundation of World Vegan Day, the trend of this diet is increasing in India
  • Vegan diet increases the ability to fight diseases and controls blood pressure.

If you want to lose weight and keep heart healthy, then you can adopt vegan diet. Nutrients from fruits, vegetables and grains reduce the risk of cancer by keeping the stomach intact. But it is dangerous to live with this diet for several months. Clinical Nutritionist Dr. Surabhi Pareek She says, whenever you start this diet, take some other supplements with it or else there may be deficiency of some nutrients.

Today, on the occasion of World Vegan Day, know what is important to keep in mind before adopting Vegan Diet…

Vegan diet reduces cancer risk, research has proved
A study done in the US shows that the vegan diet is effective in weight loss. Due to the very small amount of fat in it, blood pressure remains under control and the risk of heart diseases decreases. A large amount of antioxidants are found in the body through fruits and vegetables, which also keep blood sugar under control and increase immunity.

According to a report by the Mayo Clinic, vegan diets do not contain non-veg, so they protect against colon and breast cancer. Due to fiber, stomach problems like constipation do not occur.

Keep these 6 things in mind if you take a vegan diet

  • Clinical nutritionist Dr. Surabhi Pareek tells that do not take vegan diet for more than 3 months. Constant plant-based diet causes a deficiency of iron, calcium, vitamin-D and B-12 in the body.
  • Many times people take soy milk, soy cheese as an alternative to milk. If the amount of soy in the diet is high, there is a risk of hormonal imbalance. The result can look like hairfalls and skin spots. So while taking a vegan diet, please consult the experts.
  • If taking this diet for a long time, then the experts prescribe some supplements that meet calcium, vitamin-D, B-12 and iron deficiency. Only plant based diet can be lacking many essential nutrients.
  • To complete vitamin-D deficiency, sit in the sun some time before 9 am. This will complete vitamin-D deficiency and strengthen bones.
  • Fatigue and weakness are felt due to deficiency of Vitamin B-12, so take soy drinks, grains in the diet. Do not depend on vegetables and fruits only.
  • According to Dr. Surabhi, despite consuming green vegetables, people may be deficient in iron because they are low-heme foods. They do not get as much iron as they want. For this, take peas, tofu and dry fruits.

Who should not eat vegan diet

People who are already underweight. Those struggling with iron and calcium deficiency, they should avoid taking vegan diet. Like- anemic women. People who are allergic to nuts, soy and gluten should also not take vegan diet.

Also understand the difference between vegetarian and vegan diet
One of the biggest differences between vegan and vegetarian diets. Vegan diet consists mostly of foods that are directly derived from plants. One thing is particularly noted in the vegan diet is that those who are taking food should not be prepared chemically. That means there should be food prepared from organic farming.

How World Vegan Day started
On November 1, 1944, Donald Watson of Britain, advocating for animal rights, called a meeting of 5 people. Non-dairy products were discussed in this meeting. The foundation of World Vegan Day arose from here. The goal of this day is to save the animals and the environment and make people aware to eat vegetarian food.

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