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Which Health and Beauty Products Should I Bring to Spain? — Sincerely, Spain


1.) Cosmetics Stores aka Perfumerías: These stores sell more than perfumes and will likely have the health and beauty item you’re looking for (and they have men’s products too!). PRIMOR is one of our favorite perfumerías and we would venture to say they have the best selection of products. While on our price-check outing, we asked about some of the salon brands and were directed to a third floor the we previously hadn’t known existed! This place is a perfumería, parafarmacía, and productos de peluquería profesional (professional salon products outlet) all in one.

2.) El Corte Inglés: When it comes to international brands, sometimes your best bet is the Corte Inglés. Like any department store, you’ll find a huge selection of different makeup brands (think Clinique, Estée Lauder, Lancome, etc) with stands and salespeople ready to pounce. You’ll probably spend a little more here, but you’ll have the best luck finding the exact product you’re used to back home.

Pro-Tip: Head down to the pharmacy section and even what you would consider the grocery section for your sunscreens, face washes, and other toiletries.

3.) Mercadona and other grocery stores: While you won’t find as many of the brand names you’re used to, don’t completely overlook the supermarkets! They tend to stock face washes, shampoos/conditioners, and even makeup at very competitive prices. It may be a bit of trial and error to decide what it is you like out of their selection and what you prefer to splurge on elsewhere, but there are some definite scores—the most notable being the 1€ packs of makeup remover wipes at Mercadona!

Hope that the information helps you decide what you’re going to pack with you and what you can safely plan to purchase once you’re living abroad. If there are any particular brands or products you’d be curious to know about (or if you’re in another country you’d like us to provide a comparison for), send us a message or drop a comment below. We’d love to collaborate on another price-check for you—same goes for non-cosmetics, too!!

Feel free to let us know about any of your other packing woes, we’re happy to help!


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