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What You Need to Know About Fitness Goal Plateaus – SILVERSPORT/Eco Product Group


Have you reached a standstill in your fitness goal? You may be eating, exercising, and getting adequate rest, but you are unable to reach that extra rep, or lose those extra few pounds. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Check out some of the common signs of a wellness plateau.

Don’t be dismayed if you hit a wall. Almost everyone does. Here’s why: Your body is smart. It is a resilient machine that adapts to change

This means progress is not linear. Let’s look at what we mean in relation to your own goals below.

Fitness goals 

When starting out with a fitness goal, often your progress will be very noticeable. But that momentum may start to dwindle. Why is that?

Think of it like this: hypothetically speaking, if you were able to continually add 5 pounds to your bench press, you will eventually be lifting 1,000 pounds. We know inherently that this isn’t possible. At some point your progress will start to level or top out. The human body can’t lift that much.

Here’s another instance of linear progress that might be useful. Imagine your goal is to shave a second off of your mile run time every day, on each run. If you were to keep shaving time off you would, in theory, eventually be able to run a mile in negative time. Obviously this isn’t possible. Your time is bound to plateau off at an improved level. 

Continuing to achieve your goals at the same rate as you were in the beginning of your fitness journey isn’t realistic. In fact, it’s statistically impossible.

Aesthetic Goals 

The same, unfortunately, applies to our bodies. Like the previously mentioned strength goals, you won’t physically gain muscle at a continued rate… or else you wouldn’t fit through a door someday.

The science behind it all is adaptive thermogenesis. Whether your objective is to make gains or lose fat, adaptive thermogenesis is the reason the last 5 pounds are trickier to lose than the initial 5. 

Your body is fighting against you to preserve homeostasis. It strives to maintain a stable environment by changing energy balance requirements. Your body can speed up your metabolism when you eat too much, or by slows things down when you don’t consume enough.

But don’t give up! Next week, we will discuss tips to overcome these hurdles, and reach the goals that you are working towards. Stay tuned!

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