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What Customized Health Promo Can Boost Your Name Now? | The Executive Advertising Promotional Products Blog


https://images.theexecutiveadvertising.com/productimages/manf/aakron/large/80-43920.jpgFantastic Deals On Sanitizer! Stocking up on promotional hand sanitizer for your business is the way to go now! Why? A dip in the temperatures brings the time of sickness, germs, stuffy noses, colds and viruses.

Passing out small bottles of branded hand sanitizer will get your name noticed right away! If you’re planning your next advertising campaign, don’t think twice, you’ll be helping your clients and potential clients out by keeping germs limited and hopefully away with logo sanitizer bottles.

Customize your logo on our hand sanitizer choices for Free with No Set Up Fees! Be the first to think of your employees, there may not be enough hand washing during the day, so having promotional hand cleaner gifts with the business name will be the most thoughtful idea.

With the holidays coming, imprinted sanitizer bottles will make great business stocking stuffer ideas, in that case custom dressed up sanitizer bottles will make the perfect small gift. We have Santa and Elf choices for your company logo, any santizer you choose will have your free logo and No Set Up Fees.

Enjoy this citrus scent sanitizer in the perfect size for your purse, bag and desk! If you’re any school, like colleges, churches and convenient stores, stock up on our marketing hand sanitzer now, you’ll always get the best deal from Executive Advertising and your order will get to you always on time.

Your company and campaign can set a great example of good health just by passing these branded bottles out and they make the best little gifts and stocking stuffers for all the employees. If you have leftovers of small bottles of sanitizer, which you probably will, pass them out to your clients as well. Get your business logo floating out there now! Hopefully everyone can stay sick free this winter, keep personalized hand sanitizer as close as you can during the day!

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