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Valuable insight needed to obtain optimum health!! – Reviews of Jill Schneider on Holistic Therapies Directory


by Janet RIben Lifestyle Coach on 11/07/2020

Valuable insight needed to obtain optimum health!!

After almost 65 years of blind following of medical advice giving me pills for every ill, Jill put me on the road to understanding my own body’s needs. Since working with Jill, I no longer take any medication, no longer have IBS, no longer have intense headaches. Such an incredible changeover in my health over just following Jill’s wise suggestions to steps toward optimum health. THank you Jill!!!

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Jill Schneider

And now you are able to be a perfect example for the people you can help. Thank you Janet.

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Jill had been such a tremendous help and inspiration to me. He positivity is infectious and it has really helped me to break through the fear of my diagnosis. I appreciate Jill for her caring way and knowledge about healing the body.

Submitted by Marie on 11/10/2020

It is with great pleasure that I write about one of my favorite people in the world! Jill is a master at motivating and empowering and I believe her collective skills are intoxicating! You will hear Jill talk about her “Mo Jo” and how NOTHING can take that away from her… I want to be just like her! Her incredible healing journey gives hope and her enthusiasm gives power to those that are blessed enough to know and work with Jill. I have thought of her as a “friend” from the moment we met. She is brutally honest and tenacious and gives you her heart and full attention. It is a true honor to know and love her and the work that she is doing:) She IS my inspiration and anyone who takes her workshops will be in for a special treat into self care and love- something this world needs so much more of!

Submitted by Kelly Jo Jett on 10/18/2020

I have known Jill for some years and she has always been helpful to my family in the area of nutrition and physical fitness. I rate her a 5 star in in her area of work. She’s sincere and through in her teaching methods. Her holistic approach to life has benefited us when she was involved.

Submitted by Ndetenga Ngurumo on 10/16/2020

A few years ago several of the elements that supported my sense of well being in life were dislodged, resulting in a psychological meltdown. I knew of Jill Schneider’s healing work and reached out for help. I arranged to spend a week near her home where she could work several hours a day with me, using a range of modalities to help me regain balance. She combines her intuitive abilities with nutritional and energetic practices that care for the whole person. She read my needs well and adjusted her interventions to meet them. The week proved to be a crucially needed turning point. The healing process she initiated continued in the following weeks. I have not looked back since then.

Submitted by Ira Chaleff on 10/12/2020

My experience with Jill was wonderful. I received her support over the phone and it felt like she was right there with me. Her voice is very calming and her knowledge of holistic healing has deep roots. She conveyed wisdom in a nurturing, clear way that made me feel loved and like anything was possible. As a medium, she reassured me of the presence of a relative in an undeniable way. Our conversation stays with me.

Submitted by L. P. on 10/12/2020

I have been receiving therapeutic massage for more than 30 years. Jill is one of the most knowledgeable & caring massage therapist I have ever used. Her current studio for doing this work is in a beautiful mountain top spa like setting, which is an added plus.

Submitted by Katie Degroff on 10/11/2020

I’ve been working with Jill since I was diagnosed with Leukemia back in July 2020. She has been an excellent source of guidance during this extremely challenging time. I would recommend her services to anyone struggling with a serious life event and I’m so grateful to have her in my life. Thanks Jill!!!!

Submitted by Michael Russotti on 10/09/2020

Jill, thank you for an amazing time of healing, although we were miles away, you were able to open up my mind and let me experience yours and mine own energy and help me to manage my pain. You are not only a great healer but an amazing person. Thank you.

Submitted by Izabela on 10/06/2020

Jill Schneider has a soothing style, an ability to make anyone feel comfortable and comforted. I have personally spent a week doing detox and juicing with her.

Additionally as I run a cancer nonprofit Annie Appleseed Project, that hosts and annual conference, we have invited her to present to our audiences. People really feel like that gained useful information from her talks. As a survivor, her truths get told.

Submitted by Annie Appleseed Project on 10/06/2020

Jill was great with helping my son Bailey when he was diagnosed with stage III a melanoma cancer. She taught us natural ways to build up the Immune system to help fight cancer. Sincerely, Robert

Submitted by Robert Lawhon on 10/05/2020

Open minded and a little skeptical yet excited I had a Medium session with Jill. I wanted to chat with my brother and my grandfather who both have passed away years ago. My grandfather showed up and I could actually feel him… it was like he was with me again. We had a nice conversation full of laughter and good vibes and I walked away feeling amazing and closer to my grandfather than I have felt in years. Just a wonderful and healing experience… will do this again!

Submitted by Tim James on 10/05/2020

Jill is a like a blazing star: full of energy, wisdom, fun, creativity. Her story is awe inspiring and she applies what she teaches. She is a role model in terms of how to approach health holistically, how to heal body, mind and emotions. I loved learning from her and becoming her friend in the process. Big compassionate caring heart and lots of wisdom!

Submitted by Alina Haiduc on 10/05/2020

Jill Schneider is an amazing teacher, mentor and Holistic Life & Health Coach. I have met with and witnessed her clients Transformations! They are happy and look great. She helps them accomplish all of their health goals and MORE! She is a pleasure to work with and has a very inspiring energy.
I highly recommend working with her when you are ready to get HEALTHY!

Submitted by Healing Housecalls on 10/05/2020

Jill is a kind and insightful, down to earth and practical, bright and folky woman. Her story is magnificent. And her shiatsu? Hooo boy!

Submitted by Chloé Kramer on 10/04/2020

I meant Jill Schneider over a decade ago when I was having severe colon issues. She welcomed me W/open arms into her amazing world of cleansing, massage, Intuitive nutrition & friendship. She is a true master & Genius in her field … not to mention a one of a kind human being. She’s brilliant, kind, down to earth, totally real, funny as hell & someone I am blessed to have met along this life‘s journey. I can count on Jill through all phases of my life … & I’m grateful for her gifts, her knowledge & her forever friendship.

If you’re looking for a Healer & Life changing experience … contact Jill … she’ll change your life !!!

Submitted by Diane Sherman on 10/04/2020

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