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UPDATED | DHSS concludes ‘no evidence that the product batch presents a health and safety concern’ — Greenway Magazine


UPDATED | DHSS concludes ‘no evidence that the product batch presents a health and safety concern’

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) has concluded its investigation of a complaint that medical marijuana purchased last weekend contained mold growth. The related product batch was retested, and DHSS found no evidence that the product batch presents a health and safety concern.

According to DHSS, Missouri has one of the most stringent testing regimens in the country and has followed best practices in selecting the tests that medical marijuana must pass. Results from retesting of the product batch all fell well within acceptable limits for the relevant tests (microbial screening, including mycotoxin concentration), and these results confirm the original testing conclusions for this batch.

Upon receiving a customer complaint about a specific strain of medical marijuana, N’Bliss Dispensaries worked directly with the Department as they conducted a full investigation. The investigation included re-testing of the unit in question, as well as samples from the harvest batch. The results of the re-testing were consistent with the state-required testing that took place prior to sale. DHSS has confirmed the LSD marijuana flower meets all state testing requirements and is safe for patient use.

LSD marijuana flower will continue to be available at both N’Bliss locations while supplies last. Hearing patient stories about how this medicine improves their health has been inspiring and reaffirms that the health and wellbeing of our patients is N’Bliss’ number one priority now and always.

“To all current and future patients, we take your health and access to legal, tested, and approved medical marijuana very seriously,” said Bradford Goette, CEO/managing partner of N’Bliss. “By following all patient safety procedures at our dispensaries, while working closely with the state-licensed cultivator, state-licensed testing lab, and the DHSS, we are encouraged to see there is no concern around the strain in question and that the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program is working for the patients.”

In this particular instance, the statewide track and trace system and N’Bliss internal safety protocols allowed for a swift response to this potential issue. The dispensary company says they will continue to take all patient concerns seriously as part of our commitment to providing patients with safe, secure, and reliable access to medical marijuana.

“We appreciate the cooperation of the facilities in this investigation,” said Lyndall Fraker, director of the DHSS Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation. “Their quick action and willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure patient safety is encouraging.”

While isolated incidents of mold growth will occur, as with any natural product and as is common in other regulated marijuana states, DHSS will continue to take any claim of product safety issues in medical marijuana very seriously and will investigate all credible complaints.

“We encourage all patients to alert us to any concerns they have about any product they purchase. If there are concerns, we would advise that they do not consume any of the product until the situation can be properly investigated,” said Fraker.

On Tuesday evening, DHSS alerted more than 200 patients who purchased this product that a complaint was being investigated. Since that time, DHSS has received no other reports of mold in the product.

For information about Missouri’s medical marijuana program, visit medicalmarijuana.mo.gov.


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