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Top 9 Earth Friendly Yoga Mats for Better Health – Eco Friendly & Bamboo Products


It is a dichotomy that yoga has exploded in popularity, and stayed dominant, given that it is a Zen-oriented practice, and essentially the opposite of big business. But those who do yoga need yoga mats, and we’re here to help yogis and their students and followers buy the perfect earth friendly yoga mats for better health. For your well-being and the planet’s, too.

In general, the mats we like best are free of chemicals, have an excellent non-slip feature, are comfortable and a good thickness, do not contribute to pollution or harm the environment, are manufactured by conscientious companies using sustainable materials, are reasonably priced (we don’t mean cheap, we mean value for money spent), and the good-citizen profile of the manufacturers (no sweat shops).

If you check this “27 Eco Friendly Yoga Mats” blog post, you’ll be able to read about all of the 27 yoga mats Ecobou reviewed, but these top 9 will help you shop for your personal earth friendly yoga mat in a jiffy!

Finally, our top 9 eco friendly yoga mats are readily accessible, either in bricks-and-mortar stores or on-line, and are in stock; in some cases when one mat — for example a blue one — is not in stock and can be substituted for a similar colour, we regard that as being “in stock”.

Here, then, is our list of the top 9 earth friendly yoga mats in descending order:

You’re welcome! That’s our mission: to help you make eco friendly choices for all aspects of your sustainable lifestyle.

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