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Tigershape Rolls Out Instant Electro Muscle Stimulation Products to Help Fitness Enthusiasts


November 3, 2020 – Thanks to the team at Tigershape, fitness enthusiasts, and everyone that is looking to get in shape and build some muscles can now achieve instant results with the company’s electro muscle stimulators (EMS). So far, customers are delighted about the EMS technology and how it is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry. The new EMS devices make spending hours in the gym or following a strict diet regimen obsolete. With Tigershape, users can delegate sculpting their muscles to the device, while they enjoy their favorite pastimes such as reading, watching TV, cooking, etc.

Using Tigershape for 20 minutes equals two hours of intense cardio exercises. This means that users can relax while the machine goes to work, focusing on a targeted set of muscles. The device burns fat efficiently and builds muscle at a fast rate.

Electro muscle stimulators are powered devices that stimulate a group of muscles on which the devices are applied. They produce small bursts of electric pulses that cause the targeted muscle group to contract, making them work out as if they were stretched during activities. With the option to set several levels of intensity, Tigershape allows users to simulate strain on the muscles as if they were stressed out at the gym. The end result is that users get a well-toned body full of lean muscles and no fat.

Tigershape is being offered with the best EMS technology among peers. The range of devices being offered by Tigershape is substantial and users can target specific muscle groups with the devices on offer. For example, there is one for abs, one for arm muscles, and so on. There is also a set that contains all the others for full-body development. The devices are expected to show results in two weeks if they are used 20 minutes a day. Results would depend on nutritional plans and outdoor activities.

Tigershape is now shipped free with a 30-day return policy. With the device, the company is offering users the possibility of sculpting their bodies while they relax.

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