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The first three years of childhood are very important, understand baby’s behavior and focus on healthy development | The first three years of childhood are very important, understand your baby’s attention on behavior and healthy development – eBioPic.com | BioPic, Movies, TV Serial, Web Series Reviews and News

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  • The First Three Years Of Childhood Are Very Important, Understand Baby’s Behavior And Focus On Healthy Development

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Dr. Priyanka Jain5 days ago

  • How much baby has to learn He or she has three to four years to lay the foundation for learning the skills of standing, walking, speaking.
  • Every phase of this phase of development is a milestone. It is the responsibility of the parents to pay attention to the sequence so as to ensure the healthy development of the infant.

From speaking the first word to writing the first word, from moving the arms and legs to walking, from handling the head to understanding the balance of the body, it is important to keep an eye on the development of the baby. The first three years of childhood are extremely important. At this age, children learn a lot and this is the foundation of their future growth and development. With increasing age, there are various aspects of children’s behavior change, development, giving feedback, speaking, which parents should keep an eye on. If the developmental process is not normal, then these disorders can occur. However, this assessment can only be done by a doctor after examination. If the parents pay full attention, then the problems of hearing, stuttering, delay in learning, problems of understanding in the child can be easily understood during this period.

Beginning of the little dialect

Actually, the physical and mental development of children is a broad concept and any problem with this development is a complex subject. In such a situation, it is important to first understand the developmental order of children’s speaking and listening one by one and simultaneously understand the symptoms…

  • The 3-month-old baby starts making sounds.
  • A 6-month-old baby starts speaking a lot of letters alone, such as mother, pa, ba etc.
  • A 9-month-old baby can pronounce broken words made up of two letters, such as maternal uncle, father, baba, etc.
  • By the age of one and a half, the child starts speaking two meaningful words by adding two words.
  • By the age of two, a child can speak a broken but meaningful sentence of 3 words. His dictionary can range from 30 to 40 heard words.
  • By the age of three years, the child’s dictionary should be about 60 to 70 words heard.
  • Do not ignore the child if there is any problem in speaking at these stages of age. Seek doctor’s advice. However, the development of each child may be slightly different, so doctors will give the right counseling.

Don’t be surprised by the sound

Consider a few problems, such as if the child speaks but does not respond to certain things when asked, or gives a strange response and tell the doctor if this is happening again and again. Or according to the age of the child is speaking but does not get shocked or reacts after hearing any kind of voice or responds in most gestures, or does not see or react if any item falls around it. Apparently the child has problems with hearing or understanding. In such a situation, parents can help the child with the advice of a doctor. Apart from this, take note of every discomfort of the child. Particularly take care of it if there is no accident due to its inability to hear. Notice the changes in the child’s reactions to treatment as well. Often, paying very close attention shows that the condition of the child is actually improving or that the situation is stable.

When the child does not respond at all …

When a child speaks but neither reacts, nor does anyone say meaningful things, even talks awkwardly or sometimes talks in gestures, then these can be symptoms of autism to a great extent. Do not avoid such symptoms as mischief of children.

The child gets stuck in speaking …

It can be mild and severe. Children often speak too eagerly or stutter. It may also happen that the child has a brain problem or some kind of problem in the receptive area of ​​the brain. Sometimes this problem can also be due to brain injury or stroke. In such a situation, do not delay treatment. Get a speaking workout along with the treatment.

Have a practice of speaking – Follow the instructions given by the speech therapist along with the medicines. Talk to the child. Start it with a few words. Try to try to speak without getting stuck, which will be possible with gradual practice. Do not impose continuous words on the child in a hurry.

Balance is lost on the go

The age at which a child should learn to walk well, but if he falls a bit and is unable to balance, then it is called a balance disorder. That is, a disorder in which the child suffers from problems such as dizziness, blurred vision, blurred and repeated falls. Mostly it is caused by some type of viral or bacterial infection in the ear, head injury, and any discomfort in the brain. In such a situation, the experts investigate and find out the cause of the problem and also give exercise for balance.

If you have any doubts about your baby’s development, consult a doctor. It may not be a problem. Every baby is different, so a little difference can happen in everyone’s development.

Some development efforts

Increase motor skills

Motor skills develop synergies between children’s eyes and their hands, fingers, legs, etc. Coordinating motor skills are like lifting things, writing with a pen-pencil, holding a string, clapping in rhythm, eating easily with a spoon. Get children to do painting, crafting, which will create coordination between their hands and eyes. In the same way games like clay, building blocks from building blocks, crossing threads through many holes in the box, feed it. These are, in a way, exercises that help in the overall development of the child.

Develop social skills

Social skills also have an important role in the development of children. Involve children in different activities and we age should not stop playing with children. If the child hesitates to talk to someone, then give him courage and try to overcome his hesitation.

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