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The Best CBD Products for Fitness, According to Pro Trainers


Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is hailed as a wonder substance. It can improve your mood, salve your anxiety, rock you to sleep and soothe aching muscles. You’d expect such a miracle ingredient would be hard to get your hands on, but CBD is everywhere. It’s in granola bars, soap, soda, deodorant, gummy candies — everything. The industry hit $3.9 billion in 2018 and continues to grow.

One might attribute CBD’s rapid rise to how well it gels with contemporary ideas of wellness. No stress, no pain; who wouldn’t want that? And while studies aiming to uncover its true nature are ongoing, one widely accepted notion is the ability to reduce inflammation. That quality alone presents significant potential for athletes and active individuals.

“It is a nice addition to a solid wellness program that must include regular exercise, a healthy nutrient-dense diet, proper sleep and stress management practice,” says Dr. Chad Beauchamp, founder of REPAIR Sports Institute in Huntington Beach. “Without a solid foundation to a wellness program, CBD is limited in its effect.”

Beauchamp uses CBD himself and also suggests clients use it when healing from an injury or as a sleep aid. With CBD-enhanced products numbering in the thousands, however, it can be intimidating to find one to fit your lifestyle. So we reached out to a crew of pro-CBD professional trainers to find out what they like best.

Meraki CBD

For his wellness regimen as well as that of his clients, Dr. Beauchamp recommends Meraki. “I know the purity of it and do not have to worry about it being labeled inappropriately for chemicals or improper dosing,” he says. “I also love the nano-technology that allows for maximizing the absorption of the product in order to work at an optimal level within the body.”

Lewis also highlights Quanta’s CBD Muscle Rub. It’s widely believed that CBD can help reduce inflammation, therefore aiding recovery. “I like to use CBD rubs on my knees, other joints and lower back to help reduce the aches and pains as well as help me recover from tough workouts,” he explains. “Rubs are something I often use due to the fact I played professional football and endured many injuries.”

“I love CBD products post-workout and right before bed,” says Ridge Davis, an NCSF-certified personal trainer based in Los Angeles. “These are the most crucial times your body requires heavy duty recovery after intense workouts. Resilience is perfect to apply before and after workouts in order to help with inflammation and minor aches and pains. I also trust this brand because their products are put through extensive third-party testing.”

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