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What are Sports & Fitness Products?

Whether you’re a casual jogger making rounds through the neighborhood, a member of a local or school sports team, or even someone who finds themselves saying “Just one more rep!” at the gym every week,  your body requires special care in helping to maintain your active lifestyle. Put us in Coach, because this is where Piping Rock’s growing collection of sports & fitness supplements comes into play!

By taking the time to understand which sports & fitness supplements are right for you, you can help support your active lifestyle and encourage your workout goals.** Popular products include a wide array of pre- and post-workout supplements. Here is what you can expect to find in our ever-growing collection:

Amino Acids

The raw material of proteins, amino acids are considered the building blocks for life. These important compounds act as the cellular maintainers in your body and work to support muscular growth and development, healthy metabolism and energy production.** They also play a role in synthesizing enzymes, neurotransmitters and hormones.**

These compounds are transported and absorbed directly into muscle tissue, unlike other amino acids that are metabolized in the liver. This is important because it allows them to be utilized for energy, stopping the utilization of muscle for energy. BCAA’s serve a dual purpose as they also help initiate and regulate the synthesis of protein.**

A non-protein amino acid found and stored in muscle tissue, creatine offers a number of roles for muscular maintenance.** It supports the generation, transfer and optimization of energy, peak muscle performance and overall endurance.**

Nitric Oxide Supplements (NOS) are particularly popular as a pre-workout supplement. It works to dilate your blood vessels, encouraging healthy blood flow, helping deliver oxygen to your muscles and organs.** This benefit helps to increase energy before and during a workout and muscle recovery afterward.**

Pre-Workout & Recovery

These items include supplements, liquid formulas and protein powders that encourage peak muscular energy, endurance and recovery to help you get the most out of your workout routine.** Protein powders, in particular, are a must-have for many fitness lovers. They supply important amino acids and BCAA, which help support lean muscle mass.**

Weight Management

Used alongside proper diet and regular exercise, weight management supplements can help support your dieting goals.** They can help to promote energy metabolism, encourage feelings of “fullness” and support blood sugar levels already within the normal range.**

Find all of your favorite top-quality sports and fitness supplements to support your unique workout routine at the lowest prices… because a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to come at a cost!

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