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Should I take a daily multivitamin? – CanPrev Premium Health Products


Why take a multivitamin? Chances are, if you’re interested in health and wellness, you’ve asked yourself that question. There’s lot of conflicting information out there, but one thing is certain: nutritional deficiencies are more common than we think. Read on for a handy guide on what multivitamins are, how they work, and whether or not they might be right for you (plus which one will suit your own specific needs best!)

The controversy of multivitamins

Multivitamins are nutrient-rich vitamin and mineral supplements that may also include some health-boosting medicinal herbs and antioxidants for targeted action. Daily multivitamins are generally recognized as a safe, low risk and low cost insurance policy for good, long term health. Despite their excellent track record, some people believe that multivitamins are useless – claiming that all nutritional needs can be met from food and diet alone. However, many modern factors continue to indicate that food cannot meet all our nutrient needs… unless you’re eating (and tracking individual nutrients!) as a full-time job.

Why food may not cover all nutrient needs today

The reality is, with the soil depletion, over-processing of food, poor dietary choices, restricted diets, food sensitivities, some medications, and various health conditions can affect if and how our bodies absorb critical nutrients. Here are a few reasons why you may consider a daily multivitamin to fill in nutrient gaps and stay healthy:

Who really needs multivitamins?

Some folks follow a restrictive diet for personal or for health reasons, such as vegans, low FODMAP, ketogenic, gluten-free, and other food restrictions that may affect nutrient intake by limiting foods and food groups that delivery specific nutrients. In the case of restricted diets, a daily multivitamin can help to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

Aside from diet, some age groups and life stages also call for heightened nutrition. This includes pregnancy and breastfeeding, along with old age when our elders may experience lower appetite and decreased digestion ability – all which may result in nutritional gaps.

Other people who may benefit strongly from a daily multivitamin include athletes, those on a weight-loss program, anyone undergoing stress, those recovering from illness or living with chronic disease, and many more.

Benefits of multivitamins

A high quality adult multivitamin can provide essential vitamins and minerals necessary for good health. For instance, Adult Multi from CanPrev has 28 nutrients to help repair cellular damage, support immune health, provide energy, and participate in hundreds of essential functions in the body. For convenience and ease, adults in the same household can share the same all-in-one formula, which meets basic nutritional needs for men and women of all ages.

Supporting your immune system

Boost immunity, fight infections, and keep your immune system in tip-top shape with a smart multivitamin that goes beyond essential vitamins and minerals by adding potent plant extracts and antioxidants for enhanced health. An advanced daily supplement like CanPrev’s Immuno-Multi is packed with 21 essential vitamins and minerals, along with 10 powerful antioxidants such as immune-boosting green tea extract and curcumin.

For women of all ages

Important nutrients for women of all ages include iron, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins. Finding a formula that has been specifically formulated to meet the needs of women can be highly beneficial during adolescence, through the childbearing years, and into menopause. Check out Women’s Multi from CanPrev!

A multi for conception and pregnancy

For pregnant or breastfeeding moms, you’ll want a pregnancy-friendly multivitamin! Critical nutrients for mom and baby include folate and other B vitamins, iron, and all essential vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable and active form for easy absorption when it matters most. CanPrev’s Prenatal Multi helps to reduce the risk of neural tube defects and supports the healthy development of tissues, red blood cells, and bones. Start taking it during the preconception and conception period, and continue throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Living your best active lifestyle

Athletes and active folks will benefit from a specialized multivitamin supplement in easy-to-use powder form that can be added to smoothies and juices in a pinch and on-the-go. Try Active Multi Drink Mix from CanPrev! This type of formula is also enjoyed by anyone who prefers not to swallow capsules, and those with sensitive gut health and digestion.

The long-term health benefits of a multivitamin

People taking a daily multivitamin report higher energy levels, better moods, more resilience to illness, and a heightened feeling of health and vitality. Take this first step to caring for your health. Go ahead and try for yourself!


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