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Reviews of iBirth Customized Maternal Health App Solution


What Our Clients Say About Their Branded and Customized iBirth Mobile Care Companion App

From the quality of the app itself to the communication, support, professionalism and responsiveness of the iBirth team we are impressed and grateful. Our patients are thrilled. Our staff and providers are impressed. We wish all of our tech related endeavors were as smooth and supportive as this has been. We are looking forward to our continued work with iBirth as an integral part of the education and support provided to the families we serve.Farrah Deselle, MSN, RN, CLC, Catholic Medical Center

As a midwife led birth center we have a strong emphasis on client education. Since switching from written handouts to the iBirth app our clients are more engaged in the education materials we provide. The nutrition information and fetal kick count are 2 of the favorites for our moms. We love iBirth!

In a relatively short time, The Birth Center of Boulder has fully integrated iBirth into our care model. We use iBirth as part of the birth center experience – providing educational support, articles, links, inspirations, and clinical information. We have now replaced the entire 47-page document we were handing out to clients with iBirth™. The app opens doors to new and different ways to communicate with and take care of our clients. iBirth is a wonderful complement to the care we provide and our clients love it.

Our clients are coming to appointments better prepared! Now we can talk in greater detail about their questions. It really is such a timesaver for us. Bravo iBirth™!

I absolutely love this app and use it daily throughout my pregnancy. A+++

iBirth has a lot of great information even for a 4th-time Mom. Also love having a quality app over pregnancy books since I could read during downtime minutes like a Doctor’s office waiting room with the app already with me on my phone.

Everything I need, right here. This is my favorite pregnancy/baby app by far. It is concise and well organized, and as a busy Dad this makes it really easy to find what I need – exactly when I need it. Also, I love following along in the Daily Inspirations to keep up with what’s happening with my wife and baby. I feel informed without being overwhelmed. I recommend iBirth™ to all of my friends who are expecting and new Dads.

This is an amazing app for any women or couple having a baby. So much useful information all given at the right time. I especially love the nutrition section. I’m a Midwife and recommend using the app, you’ll feel empowered and knowledgeable. When Dads download, the app helps him keep up with what’s going on, too.

iBirth™ App Is The Complete Resource. Easy to use, concise, full of beautifully delivered information, a truly exceptional resource for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Wish this had been available to me. Quite simply on the cutting edge of technology assisting pregnancy! I truly love it and believe it to fill the gap between doctor visits and the information every single newly pregnant couple seeks. AWESOME VISIONARIES!

I open the Inspirations every day. Answers questions before they even come up. Lots of good stuff in here I wouldn’t normally be thinking about.

Being a visual learner I think these videos are fantastically instructional. By far, my favorite app out of all of them when it comes to preparing for labor and delivery.

I recommend this app to anyone who wants to be soothed through their pregnancy!

This app beats all the other apps in its category because of its ease of use. It covers pregnancy, labor (love the timer!), and postpartum completely and delicately. Such an asset for any parent to have during the first year of baby’s life. Download this app ASAP.

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