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‘Red rice’ makes the heart healthy and know about the police inspector who provides relief from sunlight to women | ‘Red rice’ makes the heart healthy and know about the police inspector who relieves the sun from women – eBioPic.com | BioPic, Movies, TV Serial, Web Series Reviews and News

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  • ‘Red Rice’ Makes The Heart Healthy And Know About The Police Inspector Who Provides Relief From Sunlight To Women

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3 hours ago

Red rice

Red rice is an important part of Assamese food. There it is called bao-paddy. This special variety of rice is in discussion these days, as its first shipment has recently been sent to the United States. If a country like America imports something, its usefulness can be easily estimated. Studies have shown that red rice reduces bad cholesterol and helps to keep the heart healthy. The red color of this rice rich in iron is due to an element called anthocyanin. There are a long queue of benefits associated with this element. It reduces blood pressure, accelerates eyesight, prevents the spread of cancer cells and tumors and reduces the risk of diabetes. It also has inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The Rice Export Promotion Forum made special efforts for this variety, which is grown without chemical fertilizer, in the Brahmaputra Valley of Assam. This platform works under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

s. Sitharaman

Police Inspector of Chennai S. Sitharaman roams the streets selling a hat made of palm leaves to the women selling goods to relieve the sun. Recently Sitharaman was on the way to his office. At that time, on the red light, he saw a man bargaining with an elderly woman selling vegetables in hard sunlight. His campaign started since then. They ask Kanyakumari to make these hats, which are written on it that they should not bargain with them, but rather respect them. It also carries the badge of the police mobile app Kavalan SOS.

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