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Product Review: Amara Organic Food – Smart Mommy Healthy Baby


Although no longer babies, my kids thoroughly enjoyed the cereal and smoothie melts from Amara Organic Foods. Delicious and healthy food knows no age limits, after all!  Thanks to Amara Organic Foods for the opportunity to test and review!

In fact, I have long been a fan of Amara Organic Foods (and, Amara Organic Foods has been a featured company in the SmartMommy Directory for Baby & Toddler Foods for quite some time).

My kids like Amara products because they are delicious and have great flavors and I like them because of what they do not have – nothing artificial or unhealthy!

Amara Organic Foods was developed by a mom for babies and kids  with the goal of avoiding the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones and limiting babies and kids exposure to these harmful substances.  The Amara team takes great care in selecting clean, safe, certified organic, GMO-free ingredients and does so because organic food is better for the little ones and for the environment.

For this review, I received the following for testing:

The Amara Oats’n Berries and Tropical Mango baby cereal is perfect for babies, toddlers, and little kids (and even beyond).  It has 50% less sugar than traditional baby & toddler cereal and is made of only whole ingredients – organic oats and fruit.  No additives or flavors or anything else of any kind.

To prepare the cereals, just put the cereal in a bowl and mix with water or milk (breast milk works too for the little ones). Mix and serve!

My kids tried both – I mixed the cereal with hot water and added a splash of organic whole milk for extra taste (they love their oatmeal and cream of wheat with whole milk as well).  They both enjoyed the cereal – found the taste to be clean and fruity and the texture to be perfect, creamy and smooth.

I found it super easy to prepare as well and think that it would be easy for any mom to prepare and serve to their little one and not have to worry about any bad stuff they may be giving their kid. I tried it too and found the taste to be simple and fruit forward.

The kids, especially my younger one, LOVED the Smoothie Melts as well.  They both liked the Raspberry & Carrot more, for some reason.  The texture of the Melts is just that – I tried them myself – easy to chew if you want but it melts away into fruity goodness.  Not just for little ones, kindergarteners can take them as a healthy snack too.

Overall, a great brand to try for healthy food and snacks!

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