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Product Review – a healthy smile! – Evolution Organics


When I was 28 years old I got braces. My teeth looked straight but I still had baby teeth at the back of my mouth that were basically shedding away. Left to its own device, this could cause damage to my jaw and I got braces to prevent this from happening. This left me with beautiful, straight teeth.

My dental work was expensive and worth it. After all, your teeth play a crucial role in your health. This got me thinking about my teeth a lot more. The majority of people think that natural toothpaste is not as efficient as the more “mainstream commercial ones” (I did). And because I had spent so much money getting my teeth straighten and whiten (quite common after braces) I wanted to keep them that way. So I bought the commercial versions not even thinking about it.

The problem with the more conventional toothpastes is that it’s, once again, filled with ingredients that are toxic and not essential at all. It’s possible to get clean teeth without fluoride**, triclosan, SLS, SLES, parabens, heavy metals and chalk … after all over 80% of the toothpaste you use can pass through your mouth directly into your bloodstream so it’s worth looking at the ingredients before buying toothpaste. 

Who wants all of that into their body?

Nowadays, natural toothpaste is more readily available and what you get is a better-for-you toothpaste that won’t affect your enamel and will keep your mouth and teeth clean. And most importantly, is free from toxic substances!! 

Here are my favourites:

Flossing is also incredibly important to any healthy dental routine so we got your need for natural floss covered.

Dr Mercola Dental Floss is made using an all-natural blend of essential oils and enzymes to help maintain your healthy teeth and gums. The wax coating is vegan from rice and is completely free of all animal source ingredient.

Evolution Organics also sells tooth powders, mouthwash and supplements to help keep your mouth and teeth in tip top shape. Check our dental section HERE.

Let us know what you think!

In health,

** I can’t stress enough that I am not a dentist and if your healthcare practitioner has advised you to use fluoride, then by all mean this is your decision.

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