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Product Feature: Smart Reminders – Part 1 – Luma Health


The ability to see responses coming in real-time to pre-appointment notifications helps clinics keep track of and manage their schedule. While logged into our service, you can enable pop-up notifications, which will alert you immediately when a patient cancels. Being able to catch these cancellations as they happen helps ensure that not only is the new opening filled but that the patient who cancelled is also able to immediately schedule a follow-up appointment.

We have only really begun to scratch the surface of what is possible and innovate with our Smart Reminder product. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week to find out more about the fully customizable features our of Smart Reminder that can change the way you interact with patients.

Reminders are just one feature that Luma Health offers. To learn more about our automated waitlists, cancellation management, appointment confirmation texts, referral management, and patient recall, click here!

Lauren Frontiera helps manage social media and content creation at Luma Health. When she’s away from her computer, you can find her adventuring outdoors or indulging in her love of cooking.

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