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Personal Hygiene, 1970’s – Film 4883 – Bestseller Health and Household Product Reviews


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Mike Roscope (confidential investigation in depth) introduces the viewer to hidden dirt. A couple meet in a disco, they dance, they like one another. Close up of a dirty hand. Mike proceeds to deduce what the owner of the hand has eaten: take-away chicken. Bacteria eat the leftovers under the edge of the fingernail. A man lies in the bath and the young man from the disco, Buster, washes his hands furiously with a nail brush. He returns to the disco. The woman’s hair is examined. Grease molecules in the hair and dandruff build up. She rushes home and washes her hair. Brushes and combs also carry bacteria and need washing. She returns to the disco. Teeth cleaning is examined including a close up of teeth and gums being attacked by plaque. Nicotine stains also. Pictorial representation of bad breath. Buster brushes his teeth. The woman’s underarms and crutch apparently stink of B.O. (body odour). Mike suggests a good all over wash to prevent bacteria building up. Ila, the woman, has a bath and uses deodorant. Clean clothes and underwear are recommended! Ila and Buster sit down and take their shoes off. Of course, their feet stink. One should not wear shoes that are too tight, or man-made socks. Feet should be washed everyday. All their friends talk to them now that all of their bits are nice!


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