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OptiBiotix Health eyes broader application for its probiotic products


OptiBiotix Health PLC (LON:OPTI) told investors it is extending the use of its LPLDL probiotic product into a wider range of applications. LPLDL was initially developed and proven as a cholesterol-reducing product, and ongoing scientific work is finding additional new applications. The company noted that potential new product areas include anti-aging products and the development of a cardiovascular health portfolio including a blood pressure (CholBiomeBP) and vascular health product (CholBiomeVH). The company anticipates this will complete a suite of cardiovascular applications of different formulations which should meet the regulatory and market needs of most countries around the world. READ: OptiBiotix extends terms of exclusive licence with OptiPharm “The identification, and development of LPLDL from over 4,000 candidate bacterial strains has followed a systematic discovery programme more akin to pharmaceutical products than probiotics,” Mikkel Hvid-Hansen, commercial director of Optibiotix’s ProBiotix Health business said in a statement. “This has led to a strain with a fully sequenced genome, full GRAS status, pharmaceutical GMP manufacture validation, and published studies on its mechanisms of action and clinical effectiveness. “We believe these features are key differentiating factors in today’s probiotic market. As the gap between drugs and probiotics developed using these approaches narrows, these so-called next-generation probiotics, become closer to the emerging concept of live drug biotherapeutic products,” he added. Updating on commercial matters, the company noted that the next stage of its strategy – subsequent to creating a supply chain of licensed partners to manufacture, formulate, and distribute product around the world – is to grow sales with existing partners, extend territories and applications, and continue to sign up new partners. It is also now renegotiating contracts as volumes increase to reduce the cost of goods.  Earlier this year, for example, the group renegotiated its contract with Sacco S.r.l from a profit-sharing to a manufacture supply agreement, which significantly improved margins. Optibiotix, meanwhile, highlighted “the growing list of pharmaceutical partners who recognise the value of a natural product with a known mechanism of action, human studies and a portfolio of trademarks and patents which protect their commercial interests. LPLDL is now building a global brand presence and industry credibility with pharmaceutical companies who sell into the high-value hospital, GP, and pharmacy network which typically require a greater level of science and clinical evidence than consumer markets.” The company noted that such efforts take longer but once established will create a high barrier to entry for other probiotic products which often have little science, no IP and no clinical studies.

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