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NUPRO | Holistic, Natural Health Supplements Miracle Medical And Natural Products Take Center Stage


Stop Joint Pain in 24 Hours!
Secret Cancer Cure Revealed!
Diabetes, Weight, E.D., Gas, Constipation …

Does the number of radio, TV and print ads about all the different medicines, treatments and natural products seem to be growing?

Those ads really seem to “zero in” on the health issues that are troubling people.  The scientific evidence and testimonials about the effectiveness of each particular medicinal or natural product seems to be very impressive, too!

There are ads covering:  Joint pain, Indigestion, IBS, Arthritis, Diabetes, Cancer Treatment, Menopause, Erectile Dysfunction, constipation, heart disease & high blood pressure, lungs, skin, constipation – oh man!

Who could have imagined – just a few years ago – that a couple of pills could do so much?

 One person did – P.T. Barnum!  He said:

  “Advertising is to a genuine article what manure is to land, – it largely increases the product.

P.T. Barnum, The Humbugs of the World.

Call me suspicious about all these ads and reports.

Here’s why:

Consider these 4 things the next time you hear or read an advertisement, or report, promising you a quick fix for your health issue:

Does that mean you have to become a “Granola”?
There is lots of self-help advice that says you do – I don’t believe them either.

Staying or becoming healthy – if you’re not – boils down to 2 things:


Moderation in 3 areas of your life.

Of course, diet plays a significant role in your overall well-being – but, if you remember the definition of a supplement, balancing your diet is pretty easy.

In fact, what you choose to eat, drink, inhale and rub on yourself controls how well your body works – which, in the final analysis is the definition of healthy. Learn more

Regarding exercise and stress – give yourself a break from all the extremes.

Here’s the truth:

The next time you hear or read about another of these new miracles,
. . . remember another P.T.Barnum saying:
There’s a sucker born every day.

Write this Down So You’ll Remember

Supplements do 2 things:

So Your Body Can Protect, Rebuild and Heal Itself!

If you want help with all of this, a Certified Natural Health Consultant can help you.

They help people

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