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Not All Basmati is Equal: Pari Foods is Reshaping The Food Industry By Putting Health, Taste And Authenticity At The Forefront Of Their Basmati Rice Products


Not all rice is equal. While basmati rice is considered much healthier than white rice, it must be grown and cooked right in order to have the best tasting and healthiest rice possible. Regal Harvest from Pari Foods is a women-owned brand made by 5th generation rice growers that has been growing rice in the Punjab region also known as “The Land of Five Rivers”, to ensure the purest water and soil. Longer than any other basmati rice, and aged for two years–which is 4 times longer than others—and cooked to absolute perfection, Pari Foods ensures that their rice has the best flavor and the healthiest rice.

Pari Foods has developed a rich history when it became the world’s first branded basmati rice to be exported from India in 1980. Today, Pari Foods produces a wide variety of rice catering to the needs of their clientele, spread across the globe. Their distribution network is global with direct supply to some of the leading brands in the world with direct packaging for renowned international brands. Their secret to becoming one of the leading exporters of rice in India? Supplying rice of highest quality, sourced from the foothill of Himalayas and other rice growing areas in India. They grow their rice in perfect locations for the best soil and water, which allows the starch to be removed in a 2 year aging process. Most rice exports only age their rice for 6 months, and some not at all. This makes their grains softer and nuttier tasting, with a lower glycemic index that makes it suitable for people fighting against diabetes. Since Pari Food’s rice are the largest grains available, it’s not only better for consumers but more profitable for food service companies.

With the rise in Indian food popularity in the U.S., it has not taken long for Pari Foods brand Regal Harvest, to secure distribution in major supermarkets and the rapidly growing Basmati rice market. Regal Harvest offers naturally aromatic aged rice that has stood the test of time when it comes to quality and taste. Regal Harvest is the age old rice Pari has been providing its customers for many years and is now internationally available to all its clientele.

Along with Organic and Brown rice products, Pari Foods will continue to launch new flavors in 2021, continuing to be the pioneer in the rice industry. Pari Foods is also set to expand its line in 2020 with Parboiled Basmati rice that will compete with the product offerings of Uncle Ben’s, Par Excellence and Riceland.

Regal Harvest is currently available at Smart Foodservice, Restaurant Depot, Chef’s Warehouse and BJ’s Wholesale.

For more information on Pari Foods and its impressive product lines, visit PariFoods.com.

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