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Non-Toxic Cleaning Products » Healthy House on the Block


If you have explored my blog, you’ll find a lot of information about the harmful effects of toxic and chemical cleaners.  The effects are amplified when it comes to families with small children.  The effects can be acute (short term) or life long in nature:

Many of these problems are due to the fact that cleaners and home products are used daily within our routines and lifestyle.  This allows the toxins to build up within the body’s systems and bloodstream.

But cleaning doesn’t have to be this way!  Tohi is is not only completely non-toxic, but it actually is derived from plants, which means it’s actually BENEFICIAL to our health.  It’s highly effective in supporting the immune system and overall good health.

The products are 100% biodegradable and absolutely eco-friendly.  The best part of the concentrated solution is that for my family it has replaced EVERY single cleaner.  I literally don’t have to buy any additional cleaners — Tohi is THE one.

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