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Need some essential lockdown products? We have plenty to encourage a healthy dose of fun!


Many of us are still feeling the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But if you’re stuck at home again, a few essential lockdown products from Stuck On You can help make it all a little easier.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that essential lockdown products start and end with your collection of face masks.

You’d also be forgiven for thinking that the only sliver of fun you can have with those masks is doing your uncanny Bane impression as you quote the line: “Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask.”

Otherwise, the notion of ‘fun’ amongst any form of lockdown seems like an absolute fantasy.

The whole episode was all a bit of a novelty at first. We thought it’d be over in a month and then we’d all have interesting stories to tell each other back at work. That first lockdown, for example, was going to be like a ‘staycation’. We were going to get a break from the office and, most exhilaratingly, not have to get out of our pyjamas!

But as we all know, it’s been nothing like that. We’re all officially over it. It’s created sadness, anxiety and uncertainty.

Some countries, states and cities are doing better than others. But many are in second lockdowns that feel like they have no end in sight. Some are on the cusp of another lockdown and are full of very anxious residents. This pandemic has become like that houseguest that won’t take the hint and leave.

So, how do we help to make the pandemic come to end sooner rather than later? Where do we find that tiny bit of extra fun during these trying times?

Stuck On You may not jump out as the most obvious place for essential lockdown products. Of course, there’s our range of comfortable and reusable Face Masks, but we’ve also got a few other tricks up our sleeve. They’re items that can help keep families safe, distracted and, who knows, maybe even a little entertained!

Aged care

Coronavirus has been devastating for many older residents in our communities, as well as their families. Not only has there been loss, but for so many residents of aged care facilities, life has become incredibly isolating.

At Stuck On You, we’re committed to playing our part in helping aged care facilities and in particular the residents. This is why we have developed a new Aged Care range featuring both safe and thoughtful products.

Our Safe Spot Floor Stickers are a simple way to indicate appropriate social distancing locations in aged care facilities. They’re great for keeping residents, staff and visitors safely apart while still together. They’re available in a range of stylish colours and can include the facility’s name.

Identifying items is also critical when staff members and visitors are constantly coming and going. We have personalised Labels, Mugs, Door Signs and Towels to ensure that residents, families and staff know who owns what at all times.

Finally, if you’re in a situation where you or your family can’t visit a loved one in a retirement home or aged care facility, we have beautiful writing products like Monogram Postcards and accompanying Stationery to keep in touch. This is an especially fun and meaningful activity for kids too!

A picture of Aged Care products

Stationery and gifts

Speaking of stationery, Stuck On You has lots of awesome items to keep your kids engaged in creative or other pursuits through a lockdown.

With a range including Pencils, Markers, Notebooks, Journals and Activity Books, there’s no shortage of options. Plus, with our Stuck At Home page, there are also free activities to download—including plenty for Bluey and Hey Duggee.

As well as stationery, there are also fun keepsake items that will occupy the littlest of kids for hours. Just give our personalised Name Puzzles, Name Blocks, Flash Cards, Educational Posters or Story Books a whirl.

A picture of the Stationery range

Bento range

We also want to highlight what may not seem an obvious choice: our Bento range.

“But isn’t a Bento for when I can actually go somewhere?” we hear you ask. “I can’t very well do that when I’m in lockdown.” This, of course, is a very fair point.

But the way we look at things, a little sense of normality during lockdown is exactly what’s going to help us all through—especially our kids.

So, when your little ones arrive at lunchtime each day after a hard morning of schooling at home—or one of their weekend art-making sessions—take them on a mini field trip. Pack some delicious and healthy meals in their Bento Boxes or Food Jars and let them head out to the backyard for a mini picnic. Or throw a picnic rug on the floor in front of a Bluey or Hey Duggee episode.

If you don’t have the time to indulge in a mini picnic, a Bento is still a huge help. Pack the kids’ lunches in the morning and then, hopefully, they won’t pester you for food while you’re trying to get your work done.

You may be surprised how much that bit of ‘normal life’ keeps the kids going. Preparing those lunches and sitting outside in the sun for precious family time may just put an extra smile on your dial each day too!

A picture of the Bento range

There you have it—those are our essential lockdown products. Let us know on Facebook if you’ve got other great ways to use Stuck On You products at home. Most importantly, continue to stay safe.

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