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MORE Healthy Trader Joe’s Finds: My Honest Reviews


Hey guys!

Seems like you love Trader Joe’s reviews as much as I do! YAY!

You don’t have to twist my arm to keep shopping, trying new yummy food, and making fun review videos on TikTok! And I’m super excited because I heard that TJ’s recently released their FALL ITEMS! Ahh! Looks like I’ll be making another trip soon 🙂

I’ll keep adding my reviews here too so it’s easier for you to find and take note of what you need to buy on your next shopping trip!

Cooking this was fun and easy… but then THE FLAVOR WASN’T THERE! Ugh I don’t know what happened, but it was just kinda blah. Not sweet, not salty. I’m going to say this was a 5.5./10

trader joes blogilates review cauliflower jalapeno dip

You know me – if it has cauliflower I’m DEFINITELY trying it. This dip was surprisingly creamy, light, and refreshing! I think it would make an amazing replacement for sour cream. I liked it. 8/10! 

trader joe's zero calorie root beer

Zero Calorie Root Beer

So, I made the trip to Trader Joe’s JUST to find this root beer after seeing it on someone’s Instagram. Honestly, it was a little underwhelming. Not bad, but also not that great. But then I feel like it deserves some extra points for being zero calorie? IDK. I’m going to say 8/10.

corn cookie mix blogilates review


You guys. This Corn Cookie Mix tastes EXACTLY like the corn cookie from Milk Bar in NYC. Soooo good. I can’t believe how long I was missing out.

8 billion/10!!!! 

Check out my other Trader Joe’s review post for more ideas! You can also just watch the videos on TikTok and Instagram 😉

Any other ideas for some things I should try/review?! Lemme know in the comments!

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