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Making Tapioca pearls part of a healthy diet. SIGNWIN launches the industry leading low calory ‘Fiber Q’ product line. | News on Taiwantrade

SIGNWIN produces top-notch specifications products and is committed to the professional research and development of various food powders. For 18 years, it has never compromised in quality in a commitment to making good food. With professional R&D, production, and one-stop sales service in the industry, it has become a leading winner in the market. With a solid technical background and healthy and delicious innovative business ideal, SIGNWIN’s products have been exported to 25 countries on six continents, and prides itself in that there is no pre-mix powder in the world that SIGNWIN cannot make.
SIGNWIN owns more than dozens of food powder products under different brands. Based on 20 years of R&D technology experience, SIGNWIN has developed hundreds of exclusive colloid formulations and provides a full range of powder R&D services and meets the industry’s high standard of suppling proofing within 72 hours. SIGNWIN has established a sound SOP standardization process design, incorporating the whole process from negotiating of business requirements, collecting market product information, testing samples, confirming orders, planning production, and finally the integrated shipment. SIGNWIN replies heavily on its powerful R&D personnel as strong backup and have all received strict training and are familiar with various alimentary codex and food additive regulations. With the professional research and development efforts in food related fields, each product has been tested several times and verified by professional sensory reviewers before it will be recognized as a product ready to be launched. As the factory staff at the forefront of production, the training they receive is very stringent; every field operator in the factory has undergone internal training and food safety and hygiene education courses, and spares no effort in food safety and hygiene control. In order to improve innovation in production and service, gluten-free series bakery products were launched in European and American countries to solve of gluten allergy problem of western people and to accommodate their dietary needs. It is sold in major chain catering systems at home and abroad. SIGNWIN not only strictly selects high-quality raw materials for processing, but also introduced HACCP and apply it to the production line to effectively ensure product quality and improve food safety specifications through new technologies.
SIGNWIN prides itself in the ability to produce every kind of pre-mix food powers. SIGNWIN has more than dozens of product lines including business use pudding jelly powder, Taiwanese style milk tea powder, tapioca pearl powder, flavored powder, ice cream powder, snow ice powder, popsicle powder, smoothie powder, pastry mix, konjac jelly powder and crystal jelly powder. Every product meets international top specifications, including FSSC 22000 (version 5), UKAS ISO 22000:2018, HACCP: 2012 food safety system. With such high-standard quality affirmed, SIGNWIN’s products can be exported to the world, Europe, the United States, U.K., Australia and Africa. SIGNWIN’s products are sold in 25 countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, India and others, focusing on the food market in these countries. The scope of applications includes industries like chain catering industry, chain beverage stores, importers and exporters, distributors, private label stores, aviation industry, hotel chefs and central factories. SIGNWIN is continuously expanding the breadth and depth of production and sales, creating SIGNWIN’s unchallengeable position in the food powder industry today.

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