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Latinx- & Black-Owned Brands Making Sexual Health Products


Sometimes enjoying sex is less about the mood you’re in or even your partner, and a lot more about what’s going on with your body. For too long, women have been conditioned to ignore their sexual health as something taboo or too complicated to put any care into. We bought the same toxic products from the drugstore again and again, settled for one-size-fits-all vitamins and supplements and even perhaps even worse stood by feminine products designed by men.

We blamed ourselves when our bodies didn’t respond the way we wanted them to during intimate encounters, felt shame about needing lube (or not liking the one a partner provided). But ladies, we don’t need to settle or feel ashamed or embarrassed any longer. There are a bunch of kickass women of color out there determined to help us have better sex lives by offering products and services that keep our bodies healthy and our sex lives fulfilling. Check out these Latinx and Black-owned wellness companies for women.

Bloomi is the leader in Latinx-owned sexual wellness brands. Latina sexologist Rebecca Alvarez founded the company in 2016, and began curating a marketplace of safe and effective sexual wellness products.  The idea was to “build a marketplace with a full assortment of clean products and sexual wellness content that inspires people to live better lives.” Bloomi actually has a “Banned List,” so customer’s can be assured that none of the icky ingredients found in traditional sex products and wellness supplements will be in their Bloomi purchase. Everything from oils and CBD lubes to vibrators and body and vulva care products can be purchased on Bloomi’s website.

Morena Apothecary

Though still in the early stages of her business, Dominicana Julissa Peña has a clear vision for her skincare and wellness business. “‘I’ve just started offering this a little over a year ago after making everything offered for myself, my young daughter and loved ones for the last 5-6 years,” she told HipLatina exclusively. Julissa uses only unrefined and/or cold-pressed and zero fragrance oils in all of her products, and is committed to offering natural, safe wellness products. Though Morena Apothecary primarily offers skin and haircare products, there is also a yoni steam available for feminine care. It’s an organic herbal blend that is used as a vaginal steam to promote overall womb wellness.

After struggling with bacterial vaginosis for years, Latina Danielle Levy founded Happy V to help “create better solutions for all women, dealing with the stigma of BV, which can affect self-esteem as well as intimate encounters.” Now, Happy V offers a wide range of feminine and sexual wellness products including UTI supplements, prebiotics and probiotics, hormone-balancing supplements and even CBD designed especially for that time of the month. All of Happy V’s products are created by an incredibly diverse team of women with backgrounds in medicine, business and science, with the goal of creating the best possible product to help women achieve vaginal health and hopefully enjoy empowered sex lives.

If you’re looking for sex toys, you’ll find them on the Ardentley website, which was founded by a woman named Tatiyanna with the goal of “expanding and informing the discovery within identity, health, consent and sexuality.” That said, we appreciate that Ardentley offers female-friendly personal lubricants, sex toy cleansers, genital wipes and more. The site even sells “vaginal dilators,” a tool that can help make sex more comfortable for women over time.

Organic Loven

Black-owned adult retailer Organic Loven is all about sexual freedom. You’ll find just about anything you can imagine to enhance your sex life on the company’s website, but we particularly love that they offer nourishing, clean sexual wellness products and supplements. But you know, if you want to sign up for an adult subscription box, you can go ahead and do that too.

The Honey Pot Company

Now available at Target, The Honey Pot Company makes just about any product you could want to ensure your genitals are in tip-top shape, and ready for intimacy whenever you are. From vulva washes and wipes to creams to soothe irritation and products to help balance your vagina’s PH, The Honey Pot Company has a solution that will get your body back up and running and keep it healthy and feeling good all the time.

Whether it was from your last wax or a super-intense sex sesh, most women have had to deal with the occasional sore vulva. The founder of Private Packs, Suzanne Sinatra, decided to take the problem into her own hands and created a line of therapy pads to help calm and soothe vulvar discomfort. “I believe that genital health is key to full-body wellness and happiness. And, I’m working my a** off to prove it,” Suzanne said on her website. Private Packs offers discreet vulva therapy pads that can be used hot or cold for the ultimate in soothing comfort.

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