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Kuo: Apple’s major product lines enjoy healthy demand in Q4, but AirPods shipments muted | AppleInsider


Apple’s iPad Air, which benefitted from a redesign and substantial hardware upgrades in September, is also seeing impressive demand, Kuo said. The tablet line will continue to bear fruit in 2021 as Apple introduces new technologies like mini LED and 5G connectivity, while a base level model is rumored to anchor the range in the second half of year.

Despite the strong performance from Apple’s core product lines, AirPods is exhibiting softness. Kuo predicts shipments to remain flat for decline by between 5% to 10% year-on-year in the first half of 2021. The analyst blames upstream supply constraints and an over-eager market that anticipated higher sales numbers after Apple announced plans to nix gratis EarPods.

If he really thought that nixing free EarPods would materially increase AirPod sales, then he has no credibility at all. Everyone has earpods/headphones of some type that they were using before they bought their new phone. I’m sure some people decided to try AirPods, but nobody was running back to the store to get them because they accidentally threw out all their existing headphones. Also, AirPods are an excellent holiday gift.

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