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Introducing Safe Workspace: Kisi’s Office Health and Safety Product


When speaking to our customers about the “new normal” in facilities around the world, one feeling is very prominent: They want to control their spaces remotely. For them, control starts with deciding who gets access to their premises, under what conditions they are granted access, and then how long they can stay.

The message is clear. A simple door security product is no longer enough, and every facility now needs a system which enables workplace functionality. Every building or workplace manager needs physical security data to keep their facilities safe.

That is why today we’re launching Safe Workspace. Safe Workspace is a product built on Kisi infrastructure for enhanced control and safety. We are uniquely positioned to launch this product as a physical security platform because of our high mobile app usage. On average, 95% of our customer’s workforce uses the Kisi mobile app, as they have to use it to unlock company doors.

We are taking the leap from being a physical security provider to being a workplace tool and to help us get there, we’ve built out the functionality that we were missing.

Like any functionality in the Kisi dashboard, these features will run on Kisi’s API. This means other companies are also able to use the feature-set in the background to enable their services via the Kisi API. Partners like Envoy have already started using the Safe Workspace tool to provide more advanced workflows.

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