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How to Deodorize a Car – Removing Smells in 5 Steps (Mouse, Garbage, Mildew and more) – Bestseller Health and Household Product Reviews


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Does your car’s interior smell terrible? This video will show you how to fix that. I go over how to eliminate odors, including mouse smells, garbage smells, musty / mold smells, body odor smells, and more. I show you 5 steps that I took to make my car’s interior smell great. These steps include:

1) Removing the source of the smell
-Mouse Traps
-Rubber Gloves

2) Disinfecting your vent system (Spray Disinfectant, deodorizing)
-Lysol disinfectant spray

3) Changing your cabin air filter
-Cabin air filter (MK5 Volkswagen)

4) Hanging an air freshner
-Little trees vanillaroma

5) Carpet cleaning your carpets and seats
-Carpet shampoo, pet odor eliminating

These steps will help kill bacteria, musty / mildew smells, and remove mousy / rodent urine and dropping smells. Additionally, this will make your interior look better. This is a combination of odor absorber, cleaners, charcoal, and more to remove bad smells from your carpets, vents, and seats.

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