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How nature creates “products”

Today a very short message, a wonderful thought. An incredible important connection of facts.

Nature… Steve Jobs, the love of the products he created…

Today, a colleague of mine published several photos on facebook. The photos were showing a tiny flower, that blooms in spring.

A tremendously beautiful one, tiny and delicate, simply perfect.

While I was looking at these pictures, Steve Jobs came into my mind. The brilliant inventor and businessman.

Nature takes care of every detail of its creations, whether it is a flower, an animal or spring. We humans think: a “detail” when we see a small part of a bigger whole, but to nature it is as important as the entire organism. Every tiniest element of a living being is crucial and perfect. It doesn’t matter if it’s visible to insects or not. Whether it is designed to attract attention of a bee, or simply help the plant live.  Each element, when it appears, means that it is needed and must be optimally created. Otherwise, the living creature loses what it needs to live, something priceless: energy.

Steve Jobs operated in a similar way. His products, which, just like in nature, were not many, only those that really made sense, were perfected to the smallest detail. I don’t think he acted this way only out of love for the process of creation. It’s not just aesthetics. But the awareness of the “whole” of the organism. We all know how people reacted to the products he released to the market. People loved the products.

There was only one “but”: the production process of these wonders was terrible, creating lakes of toxins in places where Apple factories existed. Leading to destruction of the natural environment.

Nature which effortlessly creates wonders in each and every of its creations, would never do that.

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