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What does it mean to have a healthy brain? The idea of a healthy brain is still not widely known. That is because the brain is an extremely complicated part of the body that still holds a lot of mystery. We don’t have a widely recognized definition for a healthy brain, but we do know how a brain should function. Science defines a healthy brain as one that can perform all mental processes of cognition, can learn, make decisions, utilize language, and remember things. We also know that brains function like other parts of the body, as in it requires nutrients. That is where Herbalife brain health products can help. Increasing brain health means getting the right vitamins and minerals to the brain and you can use Herbalife brain health products for that.

There are still plenty of things in this world that we don’t fully understand. The brain is one of those things. It is an extraordinarily complex organ that performs many different functions. We don’t have to know how it works completely to know what it does. In fact, we do know a few things about the brain, we just don’t know it inside and out. The brain interprets senses, control movement, maintain cognition, and is in control of our behavior and social cognition. Unfortunately, the lack of information also means that brain health is not about improving but maintaining. We maintain brain health by getting the right nutrients to it regularly. Herbalife brain health products can help in safe and natural ways.

Herbalife Brain Health Products | Memory Armor

The most popular of the Herbalife brain health products is Memory Armor. The formula consists of Bacopa which is a plant that is traditionally used in Indian medicine to help with short-term memory. You can improve your memory with this supplement. However, there is more to this simple capsule. Vitamin B6 is used to help with fatigue, vitamin B12 is used to promote normal energy function, and vitamin D supports overall brain health. There are no other additives to this supplement, no caffeine, no stimulants, just pure nature.

Niteworks Assorted Flavors

Niteworks is a different line of Herbalife brain health products that serve multiple functions. For example, Niteworks contains L-arginine and L-citrulline which support blood flow. That blood flow is for the healthy function of not only the brain but the heart and other organs as well. Nitric oxide also supports that blood flow by regulating blood pressure. Niteworks comes in two assorted flavors, lemon, and orange mango. Both flavors are delicious and provide you with the same health benefits.

Botanical Identification Program

Herbalife has a program called the Botanical Identification Program (BIP). BIP is a discipline that is meant to ensure quality botanical ingredients in every product. The natural ingredients are analyzed to ensure the vitamins and minerals that are claimed to be there are there. Herbalife products are all about maintaining health through natural means. That means every ingredient must be scrutinized to ensure it is the best quality.

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