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Health-Conscious Cleaning Solutions : Sensitive Home cleaning products


The Sensitive Home Cleaning Products are Irritant-Free

Many household cleaning products are known for having chemicals and toxic ingredients in the mix, so the Sensitive Home cleaning products have been created to offer consumers a safer alternative. The products feature a plant-based formula that is a certified EPA Safer Choice and USDA BioPreferred, and free from irritants, toxic residues and harmful emissions. The product range includes solutions for all rooms of the house to support consumers looking to shift over to greener alternatives for cleaning.

Chief Science Officer at Sensitive Home Gregory van Buskirk spoke on the new Sensitive Home cleaning products saying, “We spent years listening to the sensitive community, and remain intentional and sincere in asking how to best serve them. For the first time ever, a cleaning brand began product development by truly listening, learning and understanding what contaminants are triggering the sensitive community. Now, eight years in the making, we are proud to have produced a collection that’s truly people-centric, biobased, and effective for all.”


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