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Havn Life Announces Launch of a Range of Natural Health Products


Havn Life Sciences Inc. (CNSX:HAVN) (FRA:5NP) (the “Company” or “Havn Life”), a biotechnology company focused on unlocking human potential using evidence-informed research and developing standardized psychoactive compounds derived from plants and fungi, is pleased to announce its initial seven natural health supplements.

These 7 products will be Havn Life’s first natural health products to launch in 2021. Each product has been thoughtfully formulated with adaptogens and antioxidants to aid in overall health and wellness and support human optimization. The initial product launch includes;

  • Mind Mushroom: A blend of four mushrooms, mind is designed to help balance the immune system, fight cell damage, and increase energy.
  • Bacopa Brain: Bacopa is a powerful plant extract that is clinically proven to support cognitive function and the nervous system.
  • Rhodiola Relief: Formulated to support mental focus and mental stamina.
  • Cordyceps Perform: Cordyceps mushrooms help support a healthy immune system.
  • Chaga Immunity: Chaga mushrooms help stimulate the immune system and control inflammation in the body.
  • Reishi Recharge: this multi-purpose mushroom has also been used in Traditional Chinese Medicines to strengthen the heart to reduce fatigue, insomnia, and appetite as well as coughs and wheezing.
  • Lion’s Mane Memory: Lion’s mane helps maintain and balance the immune system.

“The Havn Life Team has worked diligently to develop formulations that not only enhance and aid in human performance but also provide overall health and wellness benefits,” said Chief Executive Officer Tim Moore. “Havn Life’s team has done an incredible job bringing a complete and wide range of initial products to launch in 2021. The team will continue to work on additional formulations and products that will be launched later in 2021.”

Furthermore, the Company has now received approval from Health Canada for all seven products for launch in 2021 and will provide further updates on its initial launch in the Canadian market.

On Behalf of The Board of Directors

Tim Moore

Chief Executive Officer

About Havn Life Sciences Inc.

Havn Life Sciences is a biotechnology company on a mission to unlock human potential using evidence-informed research. The Company is focused on standardized, quality-controlled extraction of psychoactive compounds from plants and fungi and the development of natural health care products from non-regulated compounds. Learn more at havnlife.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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