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Fresh Vs Frozen Products: Is It Healthy? | IWMBuzz


It’s a debatable topic whether fresh food or frozen food gives is good benefits. Practically fresh produce is always good as it contains the greatest quantity and varieties of nutrients. Comparatively fresh and frozen foods (fruits and vegetables) having somehow similar carbohydrate, protein, fibre and mineral content. But there are chances that Vitamins and beneficial plant-derived chemicals, may be lost when it is kept for a longer period in freeze and consumed. That means unless you get fresh fruits and vegetables from the field directly, the ones you eat may content fewer Vitamins and phytonutrients.

Both frozen and fresh have almost the same nutritional value, little difference in the nutritional value, cost and convenience. Frozen food is also a good alternative if fresh produce is unavailable. Few nutritionists feel that if fresh food is available then avoid frozen food as it contains fewer nutrients. The important question is what is fresh produce? If you buy fruits and vegetables from the supermarket as fresh produce and if it lying there for a few days, its nutritional value may differ. Actual fresh produce is directly taken out from a field or a plant and consumed in a couple of days. In some cases, frozen food can have more vitamin c than a fresh one.

Overall people make food choices for many reasons, like taste, price, convenience and nutrients. There is no doubt that for taste and nutrients fresh-picked local produce is the best. On the other hand fresh produce unavailable, beyond your budget, and out of season then frozen food is also a good option. It will also provide almost similar benefits.

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