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FitBeat Smartwatch Reviews – Worthy FitBeat Fitness Tracker?


Homewood IL, United States, September 23 2020 (Wiredrelease) Marketing by Kevin, LLC. –:FitBeat Smartwatch is a wireless Bluetooth device that uses advanced biometric technology to track and record crucial health data. In today’s busy world, consumers are becoming more health-conscious every day, but the truth is, consumers who set fitness goals do not always have time to check their progress in the battle to lose weight. The FitBeat fitness tracker allows the wearer to track in real-time their personal health and fitness data metrics, and with these stats updated every 10 seconds and can be seen on the screen at all times. With a quick check, it can read the users’ blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and blood pressure, Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, and so much more.

Should consumers invest in the FitBeat Smartwatch?

With recommendations from the American Heart Association, ” Only about one in five adults and teens get enough exercise to maintain good health. Being more active can help all people think, feel, and sleep better and perform daily tasks more easily. And if you’re sedentary, sitting less is a great place to start.”

This smartwatch measures heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen in real-time. Moreover, it monitors when the wearer has sat too long without getting up and moving. Think this feature doesn’t suit you? Cardiovascular disease often strikes unannounced, and most people often fail to treat it before it worsens, which can be fatal.

However, by wearing the FitBeat smartwatch, it is easier to monitor heart rate 24/7, even when sleeping. FitBeat can also be a useful tool when speaking with your doctor, as you can share your health stats to set up a healthcare regime.

What are some of the other benefits of owning a FitBeat Smartwatch?

As a health smartwatch tracker, users can monitor heart rate and sleep patterns to enjoy overall general wellness. Unlike most digital watches, with the FitBeat smartwatch, users can take calls, receive message alerts, count steps, and monitor sleep time. Besides having several beneficial health monitoring features, wearing the FitBeat smartwatch is similar to having a pro personal trainer on call 24/7 on the wrist.

FitBeat Benefits

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate monitoring 24/7 Calorie monitoring and sleep monitoring Steps counter to promote rapid weight loss Message alerts and IP67 waterproof capabilities Records workouts in real-time Sedentary warning alerts Premium styling and super-efficient battery life Clear HD display

FitBeat Cost

With all of its useful health data tracking benefits, FitBeat is being offered in several packages on the official website; the company also offers free shipping on all four of the offers; prices of the packages are as follows:

1x FitBeat Watch Time Traveler- $49.98 USD 2x FitBeat Watches Double Time Pack- $85.48 USD 3x FitBeat Watches Triple Time Pack- $119.95 USD
4x FitBeat Watches Time for Everyone Pack- $139.94 USD

That’s an affordable price for a fitness tracking smartwatch that tracks all health vitals 24/7. For questions and comments on the FitBeat watch, consumers can contact the company Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM PST time by email or by a phone call at:

Email- Support@GetFitBeat.com Phone- 8009900181


FitBeat is a wireless fitness tracking watch that monitors users’ health vitals, such as their sleeping patterns and heart rate when working out and even when wearers are sleeping. It is lightweight, stylish, and comfortable –  The IP6/7 waterproof features means you can wear it outside in the rain, or even in the shower.

With a durable build, this high-tech smartwatch is worth buying. It looks better than most smartwatches, not to mention its fair price. Overall, FitBeat is for those who enjoy outdoor activities and use health data to improve their fitness and health goals further. The company also offers a 30-day guarantee on purchases if the FitBeat does not perform the way the wearer feels is satisfactory.

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