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FitBeat Smart Watch Reviews – FitBeat Fitness Tracker Scam?


FitBeat is a new fitness tracker smartwatch that enables users to gain invaluable insights towards the body’s vital signs via advanced biometric technology innovation. Made available exclusively at the official website GetFitBeat.com, the FitBeat watch is turning heads in the world of smart body fitness tracking activity bands due to its amazing price yet full spectrum approach towards features and ease of use.

People can use the FitBeat Smartwatch to keep their health in check at all times, as this device measures heart rate, blood pressure, and even the oxygen levels. It uses a display that can be read in the sunlight to provide users all the info it gathers, not to mention it updates the data every 10 seconds. The display of this smartwatch is also resistant to scratches and impact, meaning Fitbeat can be worn without any problem when exercising. Those who use it are more motivated to keep up with their workout routines because they see how their body’s health and fitness readings improve with every day that passes.

How Does FitBeat Smartwatch Work?

The FitBeat Smartwatch was created by health specialists and engineers by using the most advanced biometric technology that can track in real time health and fitness metrics. After it performs a quick scan, this device tells its wearer the values for the heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels. It does this in a few seconds and it’s never wrong. People who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases can use this fitness bracelet to keep their health in check. Those who want to lose weight and need to keep their heart pumping for more calories to be burned very rapidly will find FitBeat extremely useful as well.

What Are FitBeat Watch’s Smart Body Tracking Features?

A versatile and flexible fitness device, FitBeat can easily be part of anyone’s life. It doesn’t require any special handling, as it just needs to be put around the wrist and worn for the entire day. This smartwatch tracks health metrics on its own. It doesn’t need to have any button pressed in order to display them. Here are some of its main and most notable features:

  • Receives phone notifications and displays them on the screen
  • Monitors the heart rate
  • Keeps the body’s fitness and health levels under supervision
  • Provides stats when working out, updating them every 10 seconds
  • Keeps track of sleep cycles
  • Extremely easy to use, as even seniors and people who don’t know anything about technology can read it without any problem
  • Monitors not only blood pressure, but also blood oxygen levels
  • Counts the steps made in a day for its wearer to know how many calories have been burned when walking
  • Tracks calories that have been burned when performing a specific type of physical activity
  • Announces of phone calls and text messages
  • Works with both Android and Apple devices

As one can tell, this is what makes the FitBeat watch stand out in comparison to all the big brand name smart fitness trackers due to the price being significantly lower than industry leading competitors like Apple, Garmin and of course FitBit.

Why Everyone Should Buy FitBeat?

Not only people who want to lose weight have to track their fitness and health levels with FitBeat so that they see how many calories they’re burning. It’s very important too for seniors or those suffering from different chronic diseases to monitor their blood pressure and oxygen levels because this way, they know when to take their treatment or to make changes in their diet. Different equipment can be used to keep track of all these measurements, but FitBeat offers an all-in-one alternative, as it gives out all the important information about what’s happening in the body.

While very small and comfortable, this Fit Beat smartwatch is still the ultimate health activity band for tracking fitness biometrics. It has its wearers knowing how their body is functioning at all times. Besides, being aware of blood pressure levels or the heart rate can be very useful when it comes to preventing very dangerous diseases from developing. For example, when seeing their blood pressure levels are low, FitBeat users can go ahead and take a walk to elevate them. Here are some of the most important other reasons why FitBeat is a must:

Made with Premium Quality Materials

The FitBeat Smartwatch doesn’t only have a beautiful design that goes perfectly with any outfit. It also feels very comfortable around the wrist. This watch has an adjustable band to fit people of all sizes. This way, it doesn’t press on the skin. Besides, it’s made from anti-allergenic materials and can be worn even by those who have a very sensitive complexion because it won’t cause their skin to become irritated. FitBeat can be put on when jogging or swimming too, as it’s water- and sweatproof. Also resistant to shocks, it’s anyone’s perfect gym partner.

Easy to Use

Whereas the technology featured by FitBeat is one of the most complex as far as monitoring health goes, this device is still very easy to use. People who have never worn a smartwatch before can learn how this device works in under 2 minutes. Another great thing about FitBeat is that it shows the fitness and health stats in real time, as it updates them every 10 seconds, displaying their values in under a second. When comparing to a similar model in the Koretrak watch, users can see that FitBeat offers all of the same and then some for anyone looking to get active and stay healthier through the use of all the life-enhancing features of this trendy smartwatch activity band.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

While FitBeat is one of the highest-quality and most precise fitness bracelets on the market, some people can still buy it and find out it’s not for them. If this happens, the device can be returned to the manufacturer without any problem, but only within a 30-day time period since it has been purchased. In this case, a full refund for the smartwatch will be provided, no questions asked.

Where Can People Buy FitBeat?

FitBeat can only be bought from the FitBeat official website and at 50% OFF for a limited time period. This being said and adding the 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s no reason to not give this gadget a try. Shipping is $10 for one purchased fitness bracelet, whereas if more FitBeat bands are being bought, shipping is FREE. FitBeat customer support service is committed to offer clients any further information about the product. It can be contacted from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 9 pm PST, at the following phone number and email address:

  • 800-990-0181
  • Support@GetFitBeat.com

After contacting FitBeat customer service and obtaining an RMA, returns should be sent to: 1642 McCulloch Blvd, Suite 151 LHC AZ 86403. Refunds will be credited withing 14 to 30 days after the products have reached the provided address. RMAs are usually issued within 2 days after requested.

Final Verdict on FitBeat Watch

FitBeat is in a league of its own when it comes to smartwatches and fitness trackers under $100. And FitBeat is actually even much lower than the price point yet offers nearly every available feature and function you could ask for from a smart activity wristwatch. Those who are familiar with Apple, FitBit and Garmin models to name a few know how advantageous they are in terms of tracking and monitoring daily health metrics. Now, all of that same technology is becoming more mainstream and new companies and brands like the FitBeat Smartwatch Fitness Tracker are now being made available at an incredible value and discount considering they offer almost all of the same bells and whistles as the industry leaders.

Act Now and Take Full Advantage of the Risk-Free Purchase of FitBeat Smart Body Fitness Tracker Activity Watch Band today!

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