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FAVORITE PRODUCTS OF 2020 || Home, Fitness, Beauty, Fashion


When I was thinking about my favorite products from 2020, it was fairly easy for me, mainly because we spent so much time at home that my favorite products were those that made life easier, more practical, and comfortable… and those are products you don’t forget….

This was the year I finally decided to be a grown up and purchase a vacuum that we would actually use (we never could really get behind our roomba)… the year I decided to take charge of my sleep (well, the part I could control)… and the year I wore my elastic and stretchy pants into the ground (#comfort)….

And so today I am sharing my favorite, go-to, products from 2020 in the health, beauty, home, and fashion categories. And if I had to pick an overall winner, it would hands down have to be the Dyson v8 Vacuum, complete game changer for our family.

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead!



EQUILIBRIA CBD + BATHBOMBS: I’ve shared my fondness for Equilibria CBD products throughout the year, but I truly feel as if they helped me get through a very stressful year… and mainly in the sleep department. It used to take me forever to fall asleep at night but once I met with the dosage consultant (one of my favorite services they offer) and found the correct combination for me I was able to fall asleep within 20 minutes 95% of the time… with zero grogginess. I also started using their bathbombs in July and they’re amazing at relaxing the body and soothing any sore muscles. You can get 15% off your first purchase with code SHANNON.

BASE COAT NAIL POLISH: I discovered this brand back in September and love that it’s non toxic. I’ve found it to last for about 5-7 days with minimal chipping, depending on the activities I am doing… which is good for non-toxic polish since other brands tend to last a 4ish days.

NECESSAIRE PRODUCTS: I started using the body soap, body exfoliator, and lotion back in January and my skin has become much softer since. It’s non-toxic and comes in several scents. I prefer the Eucalyptus or non-scented options. 10% off with code SHANNON10.

ELEMIS PRO COLLAGEN DAY CREAM: I switched to this day cream back in March and have been super happy with the results… I feel as if my skin is nourished as well as supple.

BALA BANGLES: I went on the waitlist for these back in April, and when I finally received them in June was super excited. They’re stylish and don’t pinch my ankles like other weights have in the past. They are also super comfortable and conform to the ankle area nicely. I wear them for low impact, but high burn, resistance workouts as well as when I do Peloton hikes on the treadmill. I can’t recommend them more!

CROSSROPE JUMPROPE: I started incorporating this weighted jumprope into my workouts in August and have loved it as a form of cross training. I can add it onto a spin workout or create my own HIIT routine with it. I also appreciate that they take your height into account when you purchase the jumprope, so it’s the right length and you won’t trip over a rope that’s too long. 20ITSY for 20% off.

DYSON V8 CORDLESS VACUUM: Maybe my absolute favorite + most practical purchase of 2020… the cordless vacuum from Dyson. I seriously don’t know what took me so long to make the purchase, but I’m sure glad I did. It makes cleaning up any mess SO easy… and you can remove the top from the base so that it can get in between couch cushions (toddler crumbs from snacks) and into other odd crevices. I use it 2-3xs a day… it has become my BFF.

OUR PLACE ALWAYS PAN: I went on the hunt for non-toxic cookware in 2020 and this pan has come in as a favorite for sure. We use it for so many different dishes… one pot fajitas and other dishes, cooking pasta, steaming vegetables, making eggs + pancakes… so many uses with one pan. It’s non stick (we are diligent about using it a medium heat as not to ruin the non-stick coating), comes in so many great colors, and has a great spot for the wooden spoon to sit on while the dishes cook. My mom and sister have one too and love it. We also use the plates and bowls regularly and they’re just as great as the pan.

ECHO SHOW: We purchased this Alexa enabled device back in August and it’s been such a great addition…. we’re able to quickly look up recipes, play music, connect to our iphones and stream music from there, access easy workouts, and the girls love the feature “animal workout.” We use it multiple times daily!

SODASTREAM: Another item that I thought about purchasing multiple times, given my love of sparkling water, but didn’t do it until 2020 (all the time at home). SO happy we did…. I actually have a hard time drinking other sparkling waters now because the carbonation isn’t enough for me. You can select the level of carbonation you want (I always go with the highest) and add flavors as well (I haven’t done that yet). If you’ve been on the fence, I do think it’s a great investment!

BLISS THROW BLANKET: This was one of my favorite Nordstrom Sale purchase this year… our entire family uses this blanket… super soft and cozy for a night cuddling up on the couch. Also, very easy to clean. I’ve washed it several times in the washer (on gentle cycle) and tossed in in the dryer (on low) and it’s still in great shape!

OUTDOOR PENDANT LIGHTS: When we were working on updating our outdoor patio area back in July, we purchased these pendant lights and I’m so glad we did. They’re specifically made for outdoor lighting, and they’ve held up really well… and they add the most beautiful mood lighting.

LETT AMSTERDAM RIBBED JOGGERS: Are you tired of seeing these already?? I got them back in August and wear them several times a week. They’re a super chic, work from home, play at home, jogger… which I think can easily be attributed to the ribbing material. I did have them hemmed (asked to keep the original hem) and have washed them several times and found them to shrink in length very slightly. They also come in a forest green, camel, and charcoal option.

AIR TEE: I basically lived in this lightweight basic white tee all summer long… and I layer with it now that it’s a little cooler. I did go up one size for a looser fit, but stick to your original size if you prefer your tops more fitted.

360 RETRO THONG: If you’re in the market for a pair of underwear to wear under leggings then I can’t recommend these more… they’re won’t give you VPL (visible panty lines) and they stay put when you pull your leggings up and down (no bunching). I got my first pair back in March and just replenished my stock on Black Friday.

TIE DYE SPORTS BRA: This sports bra has quickly become my favorite not only for the color, but mainly for the comfort. It lays so nicely on the body and moves with my workouts… it’s stretchy and doesn’t restrict in any way. I’ve worn it for my runs, cycling workouts, and everything in between.

ALO AIRLIFT LEGGINGS: These are one of my go-to pair of leggings, hands down. I’ve purchased other colors over the years, but this year bought them in Gravel and I love the nude look… they also come in 7/8ths length, so I don’t have the hem them. Their only downfall is that they don’t have pockets, but other than that they’re great and I wear them for all workouts.

WHITE PUFFER VEST: This was a late in the year purchase, but so happy I did… I wear it all the time on my morning runs… and it can easily be worn for errands or with joggers and jeans. It keeps me nice and warm in the mornings (with a long sleeve top layered underneath) and has both a zip-up and button-up capability. It’s a shorter fit, with a hood and functional pockets. Not bulky at all on my runs. Comes in several other colors as well.

HERRINGBONE NECKLACE: I purchased this necklace back in March for a trip to New York (before the shut-downs) and love layering it with all my other pieces. It’s beautiful in person and sits nicely on the collarbone area. I bought it for my sister for her birthday and she loves it as well.

RIBBED RUNNING ONESIE: I never thought I’d be a onesie fan, but I love this ribbed one from Free People. You can easily layer shorts over it, or a cute cropped sweatshirt, and it works for all workouts… I’ve run in it and done spin classes as well. It’s an easy throw on and go option with a cardigan or denim jacket for running errands too. I did need to alter the straps slightly so that it wouldn’t slowly fall when I ran, but one I adjusted that it was great. Lots of other color options as well.

VITAMIN A LINEN COVERUP SHIRT: Probably one of the most unexpected favorites of the summer 2020 season was this linen coverup… I think I wore it almost every weekend… and then found ways to wear it during the week with denim shorts and linen shorts as well. It’s the perfect oversized fit and was so good to toss on during those warm summer days. Can’t wait to wear it again in several months. Sustainably made as well.

LEOPARD SWIMSUIT: Everything from the fit and print of this suit made it my favorite, go-to suit, of 2020…. loved the high waisted full coverage bottoms and the bandeau top… the material was so well made that it will last me several seasons.

AGOLDE RIBBED TANK: I purchased this tank back in February and didn’t stop wearing it once it came… love the thicker ribbed material and that it can be worn with anything… joggers, leggings, jeans, denim shorts, linen shorts… options are endless. I included in in numerous capsule collections and will do so again when the weather begins to warm up. It was one of the best closet staples of 2020. I have it in the white and black.

THE GREAT CROPPED SWEATPANT: I first saw these sweatpants at the beginning of 2020… and kept my eye on them for several months. They went on sale in March and I purchased them and am so glad I did. They are super comfortable, fit my petite frame with a loose, but not baggy and overwhelming fit, and they’ve been a pair I’ve reached for so much over the past several months (I added the grey color this season). They are more of an investment, but I’ve had mine for almost a year now and they still look brand new (and they’ve been washed multiple times).

RACHEL PALLY LINEN DRESS: I debated keeping this dress when I first received it… the price was high for a dress and it was more towards the end of the summer season, but I ultimately decided that the fit was so beautiful and timeless that it would last for years to come. I ended up wearing it so much… as a pool coverup, for TJ’s birthday, and most recently for Harper’s birthday. If we end up being able to travel this summer I fully intend on bringing it everywhere. It does have a billowy fit, so you can size down for a more fitted look (although it will still have a loose fit). The straps are adjustable, so that’s also a good way to adjust the fit.

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