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Fall Health & Wellness Products for the Whole Family / CT LIVE segment


Staying well and healthy this fall is probably more important than it ever has been in our lifetime. I had the pleasure of speaking with NBC Connecticut’s CT LIVE about a few great health and wellness products to help us through this season.

Persona Nutrition

Incorporating vitamins and supplements into our daily routine has countless benefits, and if they can be delivered straight to our door, well that’s even better! Persona is a personalized vitamin program that creates a customized pack of vitamins and supplements to deliver only what your body needs. It’s as easy as taking a brief online nutritional assessment, on-staff expert nutritionist assess your results, and your customized pack of vitamins is curated just for you! The daily pouches even have your name on them! Love that personal touch!

Find it HERE.

CELSIUS Healthy Energy Drink

This fantastic energy drink offers no crash or jitters, unlike traditional energy drinks, and is clinically proven to accelerate metabolism. A dream combo! It also has 7 essential vitamins, zero sugar, no added artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, no aspartame, and no high fructose corn syrup. Lastly, let’s not forget about the taste. Typically energy drinks taste like cough syrup to me, but Celsius is extremely refreshing and delicious!

Find it HERE & HERE.

Belle + Bella YoMagic Automatic Yogurt Maker

With this fabulous machine, you can make healthy and delicious yogurt, while also being economical and environmentally friendly! It’s extremely easy to use as well! I also love that this a family owned company that is truly dedicated to finding sustainable and natural solutions to helping people improve or maintain their health and well-being.

Find it HERE & HERE.

ASTREA Water Bottle

This is the only water bottle to filter out lead and toxins. It has the highest NSF certification to eliminate lead, toxins and pharmaceuticals from water, so it’s basically like drinking bottled water straight from any tap! Feel free to fill up at home, the gym, the airport, or even a gas station!

Find it HERE.

GoGo SqueeZ Happy TummieZ & GoGo BIG SqueeZ

GoGo squeeZ is always a hit with parents everywhere! Their fruit pouches are a perfect healthy snack for kids and they are great for on-the-go. In today’s segment I talked about two new products from them. GoGo squeeZ Happy tummieZ is organic, 100% fruits & veggies, and features plant-based prebiotic fiber, which travels through the gut nourishing naturally occurring bacteria. GoGo BIG squeeZ has 1/2 cup of fruit per pouch and is 33% bigger, making it ideal for older kids that typically have bigger appetites.

Find them HERE & HERE.

Thank you so much for checking out these health and wellness products! Have and great weekend and stay well!



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