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Ensure Your Product Configuration is Healthy | GoAnywhere MFT


Health. It’s the hot topic on everyone’s minds these days. Preventative measures and routine checkups are highly recommended for both personal well-being, as well as for the health of your organization’s product configurations.

What is a Product Health Check?

Once you have a security software solution, such as managed file transfer, in place and running you should analyze the security and reliability of your product configuration with a Health Check or assessment. After all, you want to ensure that the IT solution you so carefully considered and purchased is running in an optimal environment.

“I would recommend anybody hire out some professional services if you’ve never used the product before. That experience is something you can’t get in a matter of minutes from trying to do it yourself.”

Roy Bolin, Sr. Linux/Unix Administrator

What Does a Health Check Examine?

As one of the professional services offered by GoAnywhere, a Health Check delivers a detailed review of your current configuration and settings to ensure you’re optimizing your managed file transfer solution. In a nutshell, it’s a thorough analysis of the security and reliability of your specific configuration.

Your system report will include a list of any recommendations to components that are detailed during the environment assessment session. What’s reviewed? Here’s a few items:

What Can Professional Services Help With?

Sometimes, when you put a new solution in place you just don’t have the time to get your users and partners up to speed on all it can do. That’s when it’s time to turn to the product specialists to get your GoAnywhere users quickly and efficiently transferring files exactly how you need them to use it.

If you need help with product training, implementation and configuration, upgrades, migration, or project consulting, you can rely on experienced product specialists to work with you on exactly what you need. Taking advantage of Professional Services delivers rapid ROI from your IT investment and more easily adapted use of the solution in your organization.

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