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Big Tech’s CES Annual Showcase Promotes COVID Detection Products – No Mention of Privacy, Security, or Health Risks – Activist Post


For many years, privacy and security experts have warned about privacy and cybersecurity risks associated with ALL “Smart” and wireless technology – cell phones (see 1, 2, 3), medical devices and implants (see 1, 2), personal and “Smart” home devices and wearables (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), utility “Smart” meters (electric, gas, and water), and everything that uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology (see 1, 2).

Last month, researchers from Carnegie Melon University proposed product warning labels that would make it easier for consumers to understand the risks.  Of course, manufacturers may not be in a hurry to use them.

In the meantime, because of COVID, there seems to be no shortage of apps (see 1, 2) or wearable technology or public surveillance technology that is already tracking us even though experts question its accuracy.  Of course, continued concerns have created an even more profitable opportunity to market additional invasive, risky, and possibly erroneous technology, all of it featured at this year’s CES – “the most influential tech event in the world.”

From the Seattle Times

CES goes full pandemic with smart masks, stickers to detect COVID and the biggest Wi-Fi update in years

SAN FRANCISCO – At CES, the tech industry’s biggest showcase, covid-19 has inspired new products to power extreme digital living. Here comes a big WiFi update, smart masks and even robot comfort cats.

The pandemic has also forced the event online. Instead of gathering 171,268 geeks in Las Vegas for a week of gadget demos, schmoozing and hiking conference halls, CES this year is all virtual, featuring thousands of competing Zoom streams at all times of day and night.

We warmed up our webcams and watched hours of product presentations so you don’t have to.

In addition to privacy, security, and accuracy risks with all “Smart” and wireless products – they emit harmful radiation which can

Got pets?  Exposure can affect them too.

So there’s that too.  Maybe there should be warning labels that prominently highlight those risks as well.

Activist Post reports regularly about unsafe technology.  For more information, visit our archives and the following websites:

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