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Best Sleep Products – Everyday Health – CBD Oil News


Price $79

In the same way that a weighted blanket can have a calming effect, the same concept could apply to a light weight put over the eyes, but sleep masks can be flimsy and eye pillows are often too small to stay in place. Enter the Rêve Pillow, which gets its name from being a “reverse” pillow that goes over your head instead of under it. There are plenty of ways to block light, but with its organic ingredients and aromatherapy elements, the Rêve is our pick.

Why We Like the Rêve Pillow


Price $24.99

Considering the breadth of lavender-scented products tied to sleep, you may feel a bit of floral fatigue occasionally. That doesn’t mean you need to skip the luxury of a good soak before bed. TOA Waters offers a creamy milk bath infused with botanicals that are unique in the bubble bath world. For example, Lockwood Forest brings together sage, oakmoss, vanilla, and amber. There are whole aisles chock-full of bubble bath options, but its earthy, camping-under-the-stars flair makes TOA our choice.

Why We Like TOA Waters Bubble Baths

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