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Before Liam was born I asked several friends who had already had babies what I needed to have. Everyone has opinions right? I registered, Liam was born and we realized some things just weren’t worth it or didn’t work for us. Now that I have gone through the baby stage twice I feel like I can say with confidence which are the best baby product investments and what things you can probably do without. If you are looking for any other baby recommendations I have tons of posts with recommendations.
Best Baby Product Investments

Best Baby Product Investments

Baby Product Investments Worth The Money:

Keekaroo Peanut Changer: I swear if you buy nothing else on this list, buy this (or a similar product). When I was pregnant with Liam we legit had to track one of these down from Canada. Thankfully they are much easier to find now! These wipe down during diaper changes and have lasted 4 years so far for us. They are worth every penny and the cost per use is less than a penny!

Solid nursery furniture/mattress: One place I think it’s OK to splurge is nursery furniture. Especially if you plan to have more than one child. We have used the same nursery furniture for both of our children and the same crib mattress.

Joolz Aer Stroller: This is a newer product. I got this a few months ago as our on the go stroller with Charlotte. It weighs about 10 lbs and folds up so easily. It has a strap you can even carry on your shoulder!

Maxi Cosi Pria 85/Maxi Cosi Magellian: These are the convertible car seats we have for the kids. Liam has been in his Maxi Cosi car seat for 3 years and Charlotte for a few months. We truly think they are the best quality convertible seats and I always recommend them.

Fawn Designs diaper bag: I used our Fawn Designs diaper bag with both kids. It’s definitely a bit of a splurge but I really love it. It has held up so well and still looks brand new.

Baby Bjorn bouncer: We got this about a month after Liam was born. He loved it so much and then we used it again for Charlotte. She actually got to love it a little longer haha!

Lovevery Play Gym: This we had for Charlotte from Day 1. I love this and feel like it’s totally worth the splurge. We also do the Lovevery play kits with her and they are amazing.

Baby Bjorn travel crib: This is also something we have used for both Liam and Charlotte. It is great as a baby bed in your room for the first few months and also great for travel. Even to take over to a relative’s house. It’s very lightweight and packs up pretty compact.

DockATot: I want to preface by saying THIS IS NOT USED FOR UNSUPERVISED SLEEP. We did however use it for lounging, naps when we were right next to the kids IE during the day on the couch, in the playroom, etc. Both of my kids stopped using it at about 2-3 months.

Magnetic Me Pajamas: These are a little pricey but there’s something to be said for magnetic pajamas during the middle of the night diaper changes.

Baby Product Investments Not Worth The Money:

Expensive bassinet: We had a bassinet for Liam since our house at the time had stairs and his room was upstairs. He was in our room for 6 weeks before we moved him. The second time Charlotte was in her crib from night one. Honestly, if you choose to have the baby in your room I would not get an expensive bassinet as they grow out of them so fast!

Multiple play gyms: Play gyms like our Lovevery mat are worth every penny but inexpensive ones are fine too. Honestly even a blanket on the floor will work!

Multiple bouncers: Get a bouncer you can easily transport around the house like the Baby Bjorn I mentioned above which is very lightweight. Don’t bog yourself down with several different types of bouncers.

Non-backpack diaper bags: Do not even mess around with a strap. I did that at first and the backpack is truly the only way to go.

Do you have any baby product investments you think are worth it?

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