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Bath and Body Products Classes – The Studios at Florida School of Holistic Health


Here at The Studios we love to treat our skin like the living, breathing beauty that it is meant to be and we feel that one of the major parts of caring for your baby is knowing what personal care products to use. That is what we will cover in this 3 hour class as you learn to create natural and organic diaper creams, lotions, powders, baby baths for soothing and sleep, as well as teething tidbits. We cover many essential oils and recipes so that you can create something for YOUR baby’s skin . 

You will make in class and take home :

Lavender dusting powder

Natural diaper cream safe for cloth diapers 

Baby oil

We want to provide Moms with a quick guide to the most natural and healthiest way possible to take care of baby’s personal care needs. 6 easy recipes is all you need and the best option is the Most Minimal One!!!

Carrier oils, essential oils and herbs best for baby from infant to 2 will also be covered in this class.

When it comes to baby’s skin, we have to understand that it is perfect, delicate and fragile all at the same time. For decades baby’s skin was treated with minimal, natural products and in today’s modern society we are inundated by all the personal care products available for babies. This of course makes us think that this is the “normal” way of caring for our baby and the proper way to go. However, quite the opposite is true. Come join us at GLO and learn how you can keep that perfect delicate balance just the way nature intended it to be the organic natural way.

All-inclusive class (supplies & materials included)

· Organic Sugar Scrub: Completely from Scratch! This natural sugar scrub is an alternative to Sugar Soap. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth!

The Class handout provides thorough instructions on all of the projects so you can take it home to recreate the experience as well as a list of recommended suppliers (so you know where to buy everything).

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