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Basic medicines or health care products while preparing first aid kit.


The first response to any injury can be crucial. The availability of a well prepared first aid kit can be as significant as the knowledge of the first aid itself. And most people have used a first aid kit at least once. It is now mandatory for every building, be it a school or an office, every vehicle to have a first aid kit. That points to the importance of first aid kits, so might as well put some thought into preparing one. 

There are ready-made first aid kits available in stores and also available at online pharmacy now, but one can gather a basic first aid kit by oneself. The factors that should be considered may vary depending on the purpose and the people who use the kit. If it is to be used while traveling, the medicines and other products included should be good enough to go on for long periods, where medication facilities are available. First aid kits for home should be assembled based on the age and health of people in the family. Kids may have frequent minor wounds or scratches from playing or other activities. Older people might have muscle strains, sprains, etc. There are other common problems like fever, cuts, allergies, insect bites, etc to which everyone is equally prone. So while preparing a first aid kit the purpose and the target group of people are of utmost priority.  

The first aid kit can be bought from a store, or it can be a cardboard box if it is to be kept at home. For traveling purposes, it is always preferable to have a strong water-resistant, drop-proof container. And care should be taken in storing the medications securely and differentiated from other items in the kit.

List of basic items required for all first aid kits

List of basic medication required for all first aid kits

Other emergency items required for all first aid kits

The area where the first aid kit is kept is also important. If it is at home, make sure that it is reachable in case of emergencies. Also, take care that it is out of children’s reach. Another crucial practice is to make children first aid able, according to their age. Keep checking the first aid kit often, replace expired products, and consumed products.

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