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Scraping your tongue is the kind of thing that if you’ve never tried it, you don’t really care about, but once you give it a go, you’ll be wondering where this little device has been your entire life.

To put things simply, our tongues can be, well, kind of gross. Things like debris, dead cells, germs, and bacteria can attach to the tongue over time – leading to bad breath, poor oral hygiene, and a negative impact on your overall health. Routine scraping with a copper tongue cleaner can help banish bad breath, remove bacteria, and save on expensive dentist visits.

Is there anything tongue scraping can’t do? If you’ve never thought about oral hygiene from an Ayurvedic perspective, it can do more than just make your breath more kissable. Tongue cleaning can also help keep you regular if you know what we mean.

Our copper tongue cleaner is bacteria-resistant, and using it first thing every morning (before brushing & flossing) will do the trick. Beware not all tongue scrapers are created equal. We opted for copper for its antimicrobial properties. It’s more resistant than stainless steel and better for the environment than plastic scrapers. All you have to do is scrape from the back of the tongue to the front five times, being sure to rinse every time.

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