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As if by the bid of his cultured wife, his health was completely cured, but till now he was also feeling ashamed of not understanding him. | He felt as if his deteriorated health was completely cured by the bid of his cultured wife, but by now he was also feeling ashamed of not understanding him. – eBioPic.com | BioPic, Movies, TV Serial, Web Series Reviews and News

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  • As If By The Bid Of His Cultured Wife, His Health Was Completely Cured, But Till Now He Was Also Feeling Ashamed Of Not Understanding Him.

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Poonam Pandey2 hours ago

  • The words of his wife engaged in work as if he were listening for the first time. Treatment was no longer awaited.

He was in fever for two days. It has been two months since marriage. The short-spoken wife used to do household chores. Today, when the condition turned sour, I had to go to the doctor. The body was falling apart from weakness, so he took his wife with him. Reached the doctor, but he did not have the courage to speak, to state the condition. The doctor himself refused to speak to her and asked the wife for a series of details for the last two days. ‘Jee, he was just feeling light-hearted due to fatigue and weakness. As a precaution, I gave moong porridge with parsley water, black pepper tea and raw onions. I am giving boiled water to drink and at night I smoke neem so that the skin does not itch. ”She was silent after saying that. The doctor was listening and then stopped the wrist and started looking at the pulse. He had not even written the treatment on the prescription, but the condition was restored. Her health was cured as soon as she was told by the speech of a cultured wife. Today, he had brought his family out for the first time and he could not believe which way he gave the complete details. He got married two months ago just to cook bread and wash clothes. But today, seeing the fragile Humsafar, he was not surprised. And the shame of not even knowing him yet and being underestimated.

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