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‘Apple Branded Health Hardware Products’ in Works, Suggests Job Listing


Apple, step by step, has been forging into medical and health-focused products. Now, if a new job listing is to be believed, Apple is looking to enter the health hardware segment.

The company’s main focus, up until now, has been adding health-focused features to its current lineup of products. Apple is known to integrate health features, so seamlessly, into its products to the point where some people can’t even live without them. The company recently added a SpO2 blood oxygen monitoring feature to its Apple Watch Series 6 amid the pandemic.

Now, a job listing on Apple’s Job portal suggests that the company is looking to hire a Senior Engineering Project Manager to join Apple’s Health Hardware group. The listing clearly states that Apple is developing its own health hardware products.

“The Health Hardware group is looking for an Engineering Project Manager (EPM) to lead the design and development of Apple-branded Health Hardware products.”

One of the key qualifications of the job is to have “a minimum of 5+ years of related mechanical background in computer, consumer electronics, or medical devices.” Medical devices being the key phrase here. The Engineering Projects Manager is expected to oversee the product build itself as well as be responsible for interfacing with suppliers and even marketing.

“The EPM will interact with these engineering design disciplines plus Safety, Reliability, Marketing, Packaging, Manufacturing, Component Engineering, and other resources inside and outside Apple. The EPM is also the key interface to the suppliers, driving build readiness at the factory and managing the build itself.”

The listing doesn’t throw any light on what Apple might be working on. The products might be based on HealthKit-compatible hardware devices that are on the market. Currently, the list of HealthKit-compatible hardware products includes weighing scales, blood-pressure monitors, thermometers, and more.

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