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Questions regarding my hair are essentially how this blog, The Sweetest Thing, got its start, lol! And that was nearly 7 years ago and to this very day I still get asked question after question about my hair. What my favorite shampoo / conditioner are, favorite serums, oils, hairsprays, etc. Anyway, just like makeup & skincare products, I try new hair products weekly – seriously. I have hair extensions in but even without them my hair is pretty thick & long – I like the extensions for extra volume / length. Anyway, I get loads of questions asking what I use on my extensions as well so I thought I’d share a few products I’ve been using and loving lately. Also, I’m partnering with Hair.Com for this post- and if you are not familiar – Hair.Com is an amazing website / resource for haircare ‘stuff’. They care lots of brands [like the ones you see at professional salons] like Pureology, Redken, Biolage, Matrix, Kerastase, & more. The website is a major resource for allll kind of info! You have a 100 day return policy, get samples in every order, and get 15% off your first order. I have been a long time fan of many of the brands and I as lucky to receive a couple of products in PR to try out. That being said, most of the products you see in the post were purchased with my own money. I hate the idea of anyone thinking something is ‘sponsored’ and it’s not authentic but Hair.Com carries a lot of brands I’ve already been a loyal customer so this post is really to just share the love of my favorite hair products lately that are available at this ‘one stop shop’, Hair.Com. *Also: right now they are doing a special where you get a free “Still Good” cap [so cute] with all purchases over $50 and they are offering free Haircare minis with any $60 purchases until October 1, so it’s the perfect time to shop.

Redken Detox Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo || Okay, so this is a product that is a ‘hidden’ gem and it is something I just recently started using the last few months but I can’t go w/o it in my hair routine from now on. So this is essentially a ‘clarifying’ product so I use it every few washes to get the ‘gunk’ out of my hair which may sound crazy but I learned this from Hair By Chrissy! She has videos showing how she uses scissors to do this as proof that freshly washed hair can still have lots of build up and residue. I love skincare so the way I describe it is like you use amazing skincare but you never exfoliate and truly remove the dead skin, ya know?! I use heat protectants, dry shampoo, texture spray, and hair spray and that builds up and actually does not just wash out. So every few washes, I use this first to really remove residue/build up of products. It makes a massive difference just fyi. Your hair will be softer and you’ll see that it is a game changer. [Just FYI I purchased this on my own.]

Redken Extreme Length Shampoo with Biotin || Okay so we filled out a form when we decided to partner w/ Hair.com and I added in my type of hair and wants/needs and it recommended this shampoo & conditioner. This is for long hair and has biotin to encourage hair growth! Its really just a super hydrating product that cleanses but the main thing is that it helps reduce breakage so your hair can get longer & longer. Personally, I love love love it.

Redken Extreme Length Conditioner with Biotin || ^Kind of the same thing as above – breakage is reduce up to 80% w/this line. TBH, I was skeptical because I’ve tried other brands ‘biotin’ formulas and didn’t love them. I have always loved the Redken brand so I was not too shocked when I ended up using this combo over & over. Also, I can use this on my roots lightly and it does not leave it greasy which is a plus.

Redken Extreme Length Leave-In Treatment with Biotin || Totally, recommend this as well. I got all 3 in PR and I would recommend this too as it will help reduce breakage but it also strengthens the ends AND helps with smoothness / softness which I need big time with highlights in my hair!

Redken Triple Take 32 Extreme Highest-Hold Hairspray || OH EM GEE! BEST HAIRSPRAY EVER. I have been buying Redken hairspray since 2013! Its always been a staple bc it locks my curls down so well! I keep like 4 hairsprays under my sink and this is one I always keep. I also have a travel size bc its the one I rely on most when I go to a new location / climate and I’m not sure if my curl will hold. This one in particular is amazing!

Redken Pillow Proof Express Blow Dry Primer  || OH EM GEE. Guys! This product is so so so insane.My last wash I did the Redken Detox Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo + Redken Extreme Length Shampoo with Biotin +Redken Extreme Length Conditioner with Biotin + Redken Extreme Length Leave-In Treatment with Biotin + and then I used this primer before I blow dried my hair and it made my life a million easier! I noticed online that the reviews were amazing while shopping for something to help with cutting bl0w dry time and this one is the real deal. I find that it helps dry my hair quickly but also acts as a heat protectant. This entire combo of products literally makes me hair look and feel like a fresh, perfect blow out which is crazy!

 One United Mulit-Benefit Treatment Spray  || I recommend this if you have damaged, brittle, super weak hair – if you want something additional to really protect your hair. I don’t use this every single wash but on as need basis! It is ideal for someone who needs a full re-boot haha. It kind of does a little bit of everything!

Thanks to Hair.com for sponsoring today’s post.

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